Friday October 5th 2018

Tonight we had guests Zoe Mulford and Tom Kitching at the club.

Warm up to their first set was provided by Mike (no guitar), Jeff (different hat) and Adrian (contrasting collar and cuffs).

Those with banjo allergy could be seen plunging EpiPens into their limbs as our guests took to the stage. Zoe is originally from the East coast of the USA but now, wisely, lives in sunny Manchester, where she met Tom. Most of the songs were Zoe’s own, with accompaniment on banjo and guitar, with Tom playing fiddle and mandolin. Tom also played a couple of solo slots – “The gall bladder mazurka” had the catchiest name if not the catchiest of tunes. Zoe’s song “The President sang Amazing Grace” I thought was the best of the night and has been recorded by Joan Baez.

The Break. It gives me enormous pleasure to announce that our chum and favourite scouser, Keith Price would have been fifty quid the richer if he’d been there tonight, courtesy of the snowball. Can’t wipe the smile off my face, Keith.

I started off part 2, followed by Geoff Skellon and Brian – sadly another two puppies died (see last week’s blog) before our guests took over for the rest of the evening. (Alun, despite widely reported advice in the media here this week, added another week to his holiday to have a Brazilian Butt Lift done abroad on the cheap – he should be back for next Friday).

Talking to people afterwards there seemed to be a divided response to the evening. The cd sales seemed to go well but the drive to Jeff’s summed it up – Jeff was enthusing but, despite their obvious musical talents, I wasn’t. No reflection on their abilities, simply not my style of music and not enough engagement with the audience. Get off my back, it’s simply my valueless opinion!

Next weekend is the club trip -Jeff wants money! There is still the normal Friday night but there will be an absence of blog for the next 2 weeks, which will give you a chance to cut your toenails and trim your nasal hair.


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