Friday October 26th 2018

It was a fairly quiet night, but we still had 8 turns. Several regulars had gone to support Val as she took part in the Welsh Cage Fighting Championships in Fishguard.

**New System** – the first spot will now just do 2, as per the rest. It is entirely possible that EmCee could change this next week. It was probably because I was up first and he couldn’t face more than 2 from me.

Jeff was wearing hat number 6 which was too small for him and left the maker’s name imprinted on his forehead. Sang something about a pony. Being as Val and Ann were away, none of us felt obliged to be crude and foul mouthed so we had a well behaved, civilised night.

Geoff Skellon had some ghost stories for us; how come he can remember all those poems without a crib sheet? Isn’t he as old as he looks?

Alun is still having problems with his shoulder and can’t get his right hand round a guitar. It’s not your shoulder that’s the problem Alun, lose some bloody weight!

Winter is upon us, so Adrian had dug out his 1970’s tank top. Very stylish in a retro sort of way. Totally gratuitous  violence in the song about the bloke clubbing his young lady to death and chucking her in the river.

Little Richard Bull had picked his dad up from the home and brought him down for the evening for a duet. Nice set, greater than the sum of it’s parts.T Gwyn had a Betjeman feast for us, including “The licorice Fields of Pontefract”. I’ve always pronounced it “lickorish” and I’m not about to change now.

No booze in the raffle, but the breads were all back. Mike Theaker would have won the Snowball but he wasn’t there so it remains at £50 next week. As I was in Castilla y Leon last week there was no blog and I was unable to record that Mel’s number came out of the bag. Can’t tell you how sorry we all are that you missed out on a windfall, Mel.

Round again with 2 each in the second half. There was inevitably a Ralph McTell song from me and Jeff had one from Slim Whitman, which sparked the debate “was he, or wasn’t he a fat bastard?” Geoff was hunting the snark and Alun was dismembering another  Ewan MacColl song.

EmCee showed flexibility in the system by moving Adrian up the list so the Krankies could round off the night with some sing-alongs. Fandabbydozy!

AWR has copies of this year’s charity cd (to commemorate the end of WW1) and they will be on sale from next week. I assume they are a tenner each, but I don’t really know.

For the benefit of the cage fighters, here are Alun and Jeff with Mise Raifteiri An File (let that be an end to the bitter wind).













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