Friday November 2nd 2018.

The cage fighting group had returned after last week’s absence; Val had sustained a dislocated shoulder, cracked ribs and a ruptured spleen – injuries she dismissed as “trivial”. EmCee welcomed Adrian to the stage where he went straight into a rousing version of Slade’s “Mama weer all crazee now”. Apparently he was still experiencing a sugar overload after being out with his mates, trick or treating on Wednesday. He then calmed down and reverted to the norm with a jolly ditty involving disembowelling and embalming. His harmonica Morris tune was “enhanced” by Val, from the floor, on kazoo.

Geoff Durno was on top form with two to join in – “Lesson too late” and Bobby Darin’s “Things”, which we all remembered from about 50 years ago.

Alun had still not lost enough weight to be able to stretch his right arm around a guitar so we had one acapella and one with accordion. The word burglars were lurking behind the curtain tonight; for some their inability to remember the words was matched only by their inability to remember why they’d gone to the fridge, before they came out. His accompanied song goes under various titles, “I am the call, you are the answer” being the most common. Someone who shall remain nameless suggested “you are the shit, I am the shovel”, but I’d better move on.

Mike must also have a bad shoulder (no guitar). As I’ve said many times “Who knows where the time goes” is as good as it gets.

My set included a song I’d learnt from “Old Blind Dogs” called “Pills of white mercury”. Our resident (ex) pathologist then went on at length about the treatment of syphilis by heavy metal poisoning and suggested it would have been better left untreated, provided you didn’t mind losing your marbles as the disease progressed.

We haven’t seen John Killion for a while, but all enjoyed “When John Willy Showed His ‘orse”, especially when someone kissed it. He was then joined by his missus for “Barefoot Days”.










It is with a heavy heart that I have to bring the news that the £50 Snowball has now been won – by Mike Hawkins. He then went on to take home a decent bottle of red! The man has no shame. Life’s not fair, but over the years I’ve learnt to live with it. The Snowball will start off again back at a fiver.

There was just time for 2 each in the second half, with the addition of a Leonard Cohen verse from Dafydd and a lovely set from Margaret, including tonight’s John Denver track (Perhaps Love). I trust this will be a regular performance.

Next week we have an extended spot from Phoebe Rees so bring an extra quid with you.

This years cd is now on sale (£10). Thanks to AWR for the long hours he’s put in to produce this again. I got as far as Adrian’s track on the drive home last night and there were some cracking songs up to then (plus a couple of mine, but just hit the “skip” button). This year’s charity is the Blind Veterans UK. My only gripe is that the red print on black isn’t the easiest to read for an elderly gentleman. “Risky Business” kindly agreed to let us use one of their songs. It’s a stunner.



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