Friday 9th November 2018




All those who turned out on a filthy night were rewarded with a wonderful evening’s entertainment as we welcomed Phoebe Rees to Tynewydd for an extended spot.

Jeff started us off with a song followed by a cracker of a tune on guitar (sounded like a train – I think he called it a velociraptor). Jeffrey is still the only single celled organism known to play the guitar. There was then a chance for the audience to make an early trip to the loo or nip outside for a fag ( set).

Mel had a new song which evoked 200 memories (and seemingly contained 2 million words). It was probably lost on 2 members of the audience (put a tiger in your tank? Zubes are good for your tubes? That sort of era.)



“TWO young people in one night!” I hear you cry. Yes, not only did we have Phoebe, but club favourite Ben Robertson also turned up.

Ben did just a couple in the first half. He sang “Song for Ireland”, then blew us away with a jig called Banish Misfortune. There would be more from him later.

Phoebe had spent her formative years on the West coast up in Ullapool and has obviously been greatly influenced by the likes of Joan Baez, Eliza Carthy and Miranda Sykes. Playing mainly violin tonight, this immensely talented, personable young lady entertained us with a selection of songs and tunes. She also plays guitar but didn’t pick it up for us tonight; however she did bring out her viola (a violin whose balls have dropped). “El Fusilado” was a song written by Chumbawamba (remember “Add Me”? Same people.) about a bloke surviving 9 shots from a firing squad then a bullet to the head. How we laughed!

The slots either side of the break were filled by Alun and his big sis Val. Alun played the Last Post and Reveille while Val read the words as we remembered the Fallen.


Part 2 then continued with Alun’s set proper. He’s now just about able to manage one song on guitar, although he says his shoulder is far from right. “Rhaid I Mi Fynd” is on the new cd Tynewydd Sessions 3, details of which, including extensive sleeve notes can be found here

Phoebe then returned for her second spot. EmCee talked her into playing “Ashokan Farewell” hopefully that will keep him quiet for a while.




Incidentally, great photos again from Ruth – I seldom give her the credit for her work every week.

We got a bit more from Ben in the second half. His “Beeswing” is the best version you will ever hear; this was followed up with a couple of tunes, a slow Norwegian one then “Horizonto”, a Blowzabella tune with an extremely high npm*.

(*notes per minute).

Mel rounded off the evening with two songs from the Wars.

“Every day is a schoolday” was proven yet again as, after 70 years, EmCee finally learnt how to pronounce “Amino acid”. Singers night next week.

Here’s Phoebe.













One Response to “Friday 9th November 2018”

  1. Lovely photos again, Ruth. Young people eh?!? No need to photoshop the hair colouring at all. P.S. I think our basketware high stool (donated by Ann & Frank some years ago) must be one of the most featured stage-furniture items on the folk-scene. Perhaps we should shove the stool to one side, out of shot, when those who are too decrepit to stand up to play aren’t actually using it…?

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