Friday November 23rd 2018

Brian had floated to the top of the slurry pit which is EmCee’s list. Ignoring the proclamation in October that first on does two songs , like the rest, Brian did three. Unfortunately two of them were on concertina. What do you call a beautiful woman on a concertina player’s arm?

A tattoo.

Mike was next up. Before starting on the gentle “First time ever I saw your face”, he coughed up a chestful of phlegm. With no spittoon available, he had no alternative but to swallow it. Perhaps we should discuss the availability of a spittoon at next week’s committee meeting.

Alun sang one of my favourites from his repertoire, John Denver’s “One no longer inhabits this building” (to correct Mr. Denver’s poor grammar). Alun is an advocate of the “turmeric bomb” for pretty much any infectious disease. I noted that his white tee shirt was taking on a different hue with the stuff obviously leaching out through his pores.

For me, it was a first time out for an interesting Richard Digance song “Jack of all trades”, written for the audio book of Bill Bryson’s “Road to Little Dribbling”. Unbelievably, there were no major cock ups!

Mel was absolutely on top form tonight. His undertaker gag was one of the best I’ve heard for some time. I know that Father Christmas is an avid reader of this blog – Mel would like a bottle of single malt (or preferably, a case).

At the break EmCee controversially drew the Snowball first. This man lives his life on the edge. In the event, the would be winner wasn’t there so it rolls over to £20 next week. “Front row” Roly wasn’t there last night either – he’s in Russia, reportedly buying up cheap stocks of Chanel no 5 etc.. Jeremy Corbyn still claims the Salisbury incident was nothing to do with the Russians. To provide balance, it is said that Jeremy Hunt blames it on the junior doctors.

Jeff was without a hat tonight. Another hint Santa! Something to settle his guts may also be appreciated.

Ticket sales for the “Steve Jones Trophy” (a very expensive litre of Sinatra Select Jack Daniels) started last night with over seventy quid’s worth being sold. They will be on sale from the desk right up to the break on the 14th Xmas bash.

T Gwyn began the second half with something self deprecating about the English from Kipling. This is alien to the Welsh who seem unable to do self deprecating in any form as they believe themselves to be perfect.

(That should stir them up!)

Margaret sang “Strange Rain”, about the stuff falling out of the sky around Chernobyl. A bit of a downer really, but what a joy to have a homogametic performer (one with 2 X chromosomes). Please keep it coming every week Margaret, you’re a breath of fresh air.

Not quite time for 2 each before we went home. Mike got “Lord Franklin” in before anybody else did, Brian had chickens and, for the pet lovers, I did some “Dogging”. Next week we have guests “Granny’s Attic” – they come highly recommended from Mel. This week’s “listen to” comes from Brian, but don’t let that put you off; it’s with guitar and I have to admit one of my favourites.







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