Friday November 30th 2018.



Tonight’s guests, Granny’s Attic, had drawn a good crowd; it was good to see some of our old chums from Conwy who’d made the journey over.

Mike, myself, Brian and Alun had whipped the crowd to fever pitch (ok, we’d warmed ’em up a bit) before the main event.

Granny’s Attic are three very young people from Worcestershire (think Lea & Perrins) with Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcoyne on melodeon and concertina (nobody’s perfect), George Sansome on guitar and Lewis Wood on his violin.

Lewis writes many of the tunes they play and the singing is shared mainly between Cohen and George.

The night consisted of a mix of lively tunes and songs. It was also what could only be described as a very athletic performance, especially when compared to our regular spots, many of whom have various musculo- skeletal problems and are arthritically challenged. At half time, I mentioned to Lewis that my joints were a bit stiff; after examining them, he said I was just rolling them too tight.

The star prize in this week’s raffle was an offer from Colin to write a jig to be named after the winner which he would then record at a clubnight and upload to YouTube for posterity. I would like to hear how the lady who won explained to her husband that she was on a promise with Colin Bakewell.

T Gwyn, Jeff, Adrian and John Killion got us back in the mood for part 2. The biggest cheer of the night was for the blues and twos from Rhyl’s finest outside who managed to synchronise perfectly with JK’s “Little Aggy”.



Another fine set from Granny’s Attic – simply superb musicianship, great harmonies and tunes added to just the right amount of banter with the punters in the crowd. What more could you ask for? (Many ladies in the audience asked for the name of Lewis’s conditioner).

Out of respect for the turn, we don’t put any material recorded from our night without their prior approval. However here’s a clip on YouTube which gives a flavour of the wonderful Granny’s Attic. Trust me (why?), this is worth 4 minutes of your life. Ruth had the unenviable task of photographing the night – great images Ruth! – these people were leaping about constantly in what is, photographically speaking, poor light.


3 Responses to “Friday November 30th 2018.”

  1. Andrew Weighill-Richards Says:

    I think we finally have proof that the concertina is a musical instrument, despite all previous evidence.

  2. jonesthephones Says:

    ‘Twas an “ANGLO” Concertina, as confirmed by young Cohen i.e. the sort that is diatonic. like a harmonica, with push and pull (blow and suck, if you have a preference) producing different notes on the same button, if that makes sense. Cohen’s bigger squeeze-box is a Melodeon, again a diatonic instrument, both instruments being popular with Morris sides, who like to suck and blow a bit.
    By contrast, I’ve heard it said that Brian’s English “Wheatstone” concertina is monotonic, i.e. same note irrespective whether your pushing or pulling, (just like my piano-accordion :)) that’s monotonic, not monotonous, ahem!

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