Friday January 4th 2019

The first night of 2019 saw some welcome faces return, notable Steve Jones,all the way from the land of the Orange Donald and John “Ned Kelly” Roberts, who’s been missed over the past few months. With the Pritchards on one of their legendary dirty weekends, AWR was MC and I was the one with the Nikon.

Christmas and New Year seemed to have passed without event; the Honours list included Mike Peters MBE, but otherwise resulted in more knobheads in ermine, basking in unwarranted prestige.

Alun was first up – he’d been printing out his choruses (chori? Adrian?) which meant he hadn’t had time to shave for a few days.Ian Bruce’s “Too far from she” was for me the best song of the night, with everyone belting out the chorus from the floor.

Brian is up for “Braces wearer of the year”. I’ve fitted a lot of braces in my time, but never ones like these. He came very close to reducing his Martin guitar to firewood when the strap came off. How we would have laughed.

Adrian started where he’d left off last year with a song about murder, involving a lady with voluminous breasts.

Geoff Durno risked a Donovan song without the aid of a denim cap – “Yellow is the colour of my true love’s teeth” – reminded me of work again.

Jeff’s New Year resolution was “No filth”. If this included bad language he didn’t even make it to the first song.

After “Now I’m Easy” , Mike discarded his guitar, not in quite so dramatic fashion as Brian had done earlier, and gave us a new song, “Carrying Nelson Home”; the chorus had 2 lines in English (ok), 1 in French (achievable), and 1 in Portuguese (no bloody chance). Lovely song, I’m looking forward to hearing it again.

We hadn’t seen Phil Williams for several months. AWR has chosen “Down & Out” as this week’s track, you can hear it at the end.

A late break saw the Snowball roll over (£40 next week!) and someone other than me win the “No hangover Guaranteed” Vodka.

T Gwyn was back with more filth from Betjeman – “Licorice Fields at Pontefract”, to open the second half, followed by some Banjo Paterson.

A couple from me and then another set from our Punjabi chum, Gorrupta Singh, who you may remember from the Xmas blog. His brother Didnah Wanna Singh declined the offer of a spot. (This one could run for weeks).

Not quite time for a round of 1 each before we all went home. A very promising start to the year.

Here’s Phil





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