Friday January 18th 2019

EmCee had caught me dealing on his patch so he put me on first to teach me a lesson. “The System” is EmCees brainchild; it’s obviously an orphan.

Just as I was finishing, the silhouette of a deformed human appeared at the door and shuffled in. Only when I saw straight through the hole through his shoulder did I realise it was Jeffrey, arm fastened tightly to his torso. We haven’t got rid of him yet. Maybe we should ask Phil the Greek to drive him home?

Adrian had pure filth, veiled in only the most transparent of negligees with a “fol de rol” chorus to pass it off as folk music.

Alun got us rocking with one by “The Boss” (Springsteen, not God) then “Here we come a wassailing” with the addition of drums and sousaphone on his electric accordion. Priceless. Brian will be heartbroken to have missed it.

Mike had decided to give the guitar a rest this week, but his song about the last of the Clydesdales is fast becoming one of my favourites.

We’ve seen Ian at the club before, although it’s been a while. Tonight he did two cracking sets with his Dobro (other inferior resonator guitars are available). Hopefully he’ll be back before too long.

Rick and Delora knocked out “As time goes by” before Dlora buggered off for Rick to sing “I’m so lonesome I could cry” on his own.


Mel rounded off part 1 with a song about farting. Val (the cage fighting Val) will be sorry she missed that one.

During the break, Ruth brought in a cake – it’s Andrew’s birthday today (Saturday). I can’t believe it but he says he’s 70! I’d have put him down for at least mid to late seventies. I won my own loaf in the raffle (I’m still having fun with the marshmallow boobs I won last week though) and the Snowball rolls over to it’s maximum of £50 next week. If you’re not there you can’t win it.

Part 2 started with Dafydd taking over the culture spot in T Gwyn’s absence. As you can see from the photo, he read some Lenny Cohen. Very nice it was too.

We had perfect time (EmCee might be an old git, but he runs things like a Swiss watch) for two more each plus a guest appearance from John Killion to finish off. Gorupta Singh has now returned to the Punjab, you will be glad to hear.

Besides Val the Destroyer, Brian and T Gwyn, several others were absent last night, which was a shame because it was fun from start to finish and musically brilliant with of course the usual exception. If you want to hear what musical incompetence really sounds like, get your ears round this….



3 Responses to “Friday January 18th 2019”

  1. Andrew Weighill-Richards Says:

    You’re too hard on yourself, john. These days you’re playing’s much better than Jeff’s.

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