Friday January 25th 2019.

January 25th – St. Dwynwen’s Day (pronounced “Doynwen” if you’re South of Brecon) and Burns’ Night. Many performers rose to the occasion and we had a lovely mix of Welsh and Scots, in words and song. I think we should look to doing similar themes on other dates. Mike had to wait till the Old Bill had gone up the road with their blues and twos before singing Kate Rusby’s “Cruel”: we haven’t heard it before with guitar. Who says blokes can’t multitask?

Alun sang “Lisa Llan (I hope I’ve got that right, I’m sure I’ll be corrected if not **) before heading up North with “Lizzie Lindsay” incorporating a very dodgy Scottish accent, but full marks for effort.

Adrian had been to see the “Consultant of Geriatric Medicine” this week. If the cap fits….. . He sang “The night visiting song”, a song highlighting the difficulties experienced in courting in rural areas, before the days of modern transport. The bloke concerned also appeared to be dead, presumably one of Adrian’s Consultant’s failures. His Morris tune was “Shepherd’s Hay” (no relation) – this was a no-stick, clapping song . The Consultant had said he didn’t treat Clap, that was in the clinic down the corridor.

I followed with Burns’ two greatest hits; many were unaware that “Auld Lang Syne” had 5 verses, and most had never sung it (relatively) sober. I’d been for a haircut this week. The establishment I frequent may be of interest to Adrian as they now have an “Express Chair” for “10 hairs or fewer”.

Geoff Durno started off sitting in a railway station with a ticket for his destination before launching into his second song. Geoff has slapped a “D Notice” on this so sorry, I can’t comment.

My missus, Lesley, has played fiddle at the club in the past, but tonight she read an abridged version of Burns’ “Tam o’ Shanter”, a spooky story of a bloke worse for wear down the pub, riding home to face his wife. She followed this with a short verse concerning a teuchter with the hangover from hell who regained his health sufficiently to go down the pub again that night. What a pair of trousers on such an attractive woman, and what a brilliant performance – I don’t recall ever hearing better. She says I can go to bed with her tonight.

This took us to the break as EmCee thought no one should be asked to follow that.

During the break, Maggie won the £50 Snowball. I don’t want to appear bitter. I really don’t. After all, I’m on a winning streak – the past 3 weeks have seen me win marshmallow boobs, my own loaf and last night a bottle of non alcoholic mulled punch (Alun brought it in, says it was on offer in Aldi at 19p – overpriced). However my begging letter is in the post.

T Gwyn joined in the theme with one in Welsh for Dwynwen before progressing North to Caledonia and a Burns’ offering entitled “The Fornicator”. This was hugely entertaining and also made me smile as I thought of the alleged fornicator and alleged wannabee rapist Alex Salmond outside the court with his sickly smirk wiped off his smarmy face.

jan 25 rhRick was sucking up to EmCee (but not wanting to get him into bed) with something by Guy Clark – “Desperadoes waiting for a train” – if it’s HS2 they’ll have a bloody long wait.

** I’ve been corrected- it’s Lisa Lan.

Here’s Geoff with one he remembered.




One Response to “Friday January 25th 2019.”

  1. Andrew Weighill-Richards Says:

    Lisa Lan, not Llan. Consider yourself corrected.
    Interesting coincidence. Another John (Williams this time) also got it wrong, spelling it Larne and claiming it was Irish.
    Here’s a version with subtitles:

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