Friday February 8th 2019.

Firstly, apologies for the late cancellation of last week’s club night at short notice – Mike was ill, Jeff was in a sling, I was snowed in and Alun was watching some rugby on the telly. so we thought it was unfair for the audience to have to possibly listen to 3 hours of Brian.

This week, Ruth was on grandmothering secondment and Andrew was fitting wooden tiles on a roof (maybe I misheard that one).

Jeff took over as MC this week, possibly because he had a lot of “hospital” stories to relate, which almost took us to the break.”Hesitation Blues” was worth waiting for when it eventually arrived.


Adrian, it must be said, had the cough to end all coughs. I can’t see him making it through the week, better draft an obituary. After one of his many songs featuring a motiveless murder, he somehow managed the Imperial weights & measures song “The Barley Mow”. His lungs weren’t up to a harmonica tune; we’re thankful for small mercies there then.

Jeff promoted T Gwyn up the batting order, away from his normal slot either side of the break. John Cooper Clarke’s “Beazley Street” – brilliant, took me back to being a kid.


As I was taking the photos , I couldn’t manage a selfie so Val (the Impaler) had a try again with my camera. Coming on Val, just a little more care in composition needed. I started “Roll on the day” in the wrong key. Ended up so high it was only audible to bats and insects.

Illness was very much in evidence last night. Mike had to wait a long, long time for the coughing to subside before he could start. It sounded like the Respiratory Ward, full of TB and pneumonia, the floor awash with yellow/green phlegm. “Just as the tide was flowing” summed up the stuff lapping up round our ankles.

Brian got an unexpected build up from Jeff (that was till he mentioned his predilection for “shit clothes”). Most of the turns had been doing chorus songs and Brian was no exception, singing “Liverpool Judies”. “Derwentwater’s Farewell” was somewhat solemn but demonstrated the use of a large axe to cure persistent migraines (and probably coughs). Brian was actually dressed “normally”  for once.

Ok, we were a bit down on quantity last night, but we made up in quality. A thoroughly enjoyable intimate evening, as I find the quiet nights often are. It was also a merciful release from Brexit. I think the only hope now is for a military coup, lead by the crack Special Forces unit of the Salvation Army. I’ll be away for the next few Fridays (probably with a chest infection), so there’s a reason to get off your bum and get down to Tynewydd.




4 Responses to “Friday February 8th 2019.”

  1. Lord Blythin of Gallt Melyd Says:

    Is that a photo of Mike Hawkins asleep?

  2. Defo not guilty of taking the ‘half’ shot of JS. He really must practice his ‘selfie’ skills. Another good night, just hope everyone manages to steer clear of the dreaded germs!!! Tynewydd was likened to a sanatorium last night.

  3. Ann Keogh Says:

    I agree with Val about the germs, but a really good night , even though it was short of a few singer.

  4. It sounded like Bob Fleming off the fast show!

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