Friday February 22nd 2019

“The Rhyl Folk Club Weekly”

ARJ Denies Spot of Shame, Claims It Was Hand-Basin Backsplash.

The evening’s collection of performers and audience seemed strangely embarrassed as the lights went down for the start of proceedings, ‘Was it really the third week someone had donated a Panettone cake towards the evening’s raffle melange’. Murmurs were murmured, heads were turned and faces blushed, someone was heard to mutter “This hasn’t happened since the great Lambrini scandal of ‘98”. The evening’s atmosphere seemed to be teetering on the edge even before things had begun, up stepped AWR to calm things down by addressing the audience directly.
“Today is Christine Keeler’s birthday” he pronounced, phew that calmed everyone down. He followed it up with the fact that it was also George Washington’s birthday, someone said “But they never met each other” Mr. West shook his head in despair.

Mike Hawkins, spouse of this Parish, was first to stumble over his words resorting to some old toilet paper he’d secreted about his person to help remember what he was supposed to sing. He gave a good rendition of “The Water is Wide” or “Where’s Walley” as someone suggested, though this reporter may have misheard that comment. As John Shepherd was absent doing Missionary work in Kolkata Mike slipped into “Early Morning Rain” followed by “Going Down to Old Maui” which had the audience in good voice.
Jeff Blythin was quickly to the fore and regaled the audience about the Shoulder Club he had just attended and explained how, allegedly, Charlie Drake and The Duke of Edinburgh were one and the same person, due to the fact that hey had never been seen in the same room together. He rattled off a trio of stuff, which didn’t get the audience singing.
Adrian West had, that very afternoon, raided his wax cylinder collection to recall the words of a Joseph Taylor (definitely not the Duke of Edinburgh) song about William Taylor and Sara Grey (definitely not Charlie Drake) from Litcherfield – his pronunciation not this reporter’s typo. He then told us that “Rolling in The Dew Makes a Milk Maid Fair” which I suppose is a matter of personal taste and eyesight. “Reuben Ranzo” appeared which got the assembled throng singing along. (Blythin take note).
ARJ, trying manly to cover the Spot of Shame, made a good fist of Donovan’s “Isle of Islay” and then to enhance his set made an even better fist of “Run River Run”. It didn’t last though as he decided to sing “Lizzie Lindsay” to finish his set, with Irish Scottish and Welsh accents seeming to emanate from every orifice.

The Rev T. Gwyn Williams closed the first half’s proceedings beginning with Sean O’Brien’s “Another Country” one of my favourite poems “Scattered comrades, now remember: someone stole the staffroom tin” and then followed with Dylan Thomas’s “Fern Hill”, beautiful. The Reverend then performed, unscripted, “The Green Eye of the Yellow God”. The Beer Break was upon us.
The chocolates, biscuits, sweets, Chocolate Orange, homemade bread and Panettone cake (again) were quickly distributed and the Snowball failed to achieve a winner, “Phew perhaps next week”.
AWR kicked off the second half with his rendition of “The Green Eye of the Yellow God 2”, Jeff Blythin was inconsolable when it transpired that Gunga Din had committed the crime, he was heard to cry “Never meet your heroes they only let you down” as he threw away his toy Water Carriers pouch”
The second half was another excellent mix of chorus songs and guitar playing, ‘Len The Foot’ even made a brief appearance on ARJ’s accordion. One notable occurrence was Adrian (soon to be) O’West performing a song post 1853, it was “The Ballad of Christine Keeler” (definitely not The Duke of Edinburgh or Charlie Drake – though she had never been seen in the same room as The Queen Mother). The assembled multitude were treated to a rendition of “Wild Rover” which all and sundry joined in with banging tables, stamping of feet and singing which bought the evening to a pleasant close.


3 Responses to “Friday February 22nd 2019”

  1. jonesthephones Says:

    Spot of shame, my arse…! Oops

  2. Andrew Weighill-Richards Says:

    Jeff did pick a track of the week but it didn’t get included in this post.
    Those wishing to hear ARJ’s ‘spotless’ performance of Islav can find it here:

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