Friday March 15th 2019.

I’d left my list in the kitchen, but surprisingly still have the mental capacity to remember what was on it. Apparently the voice mic was set too low so nobody could hear much of what I was singing anyway. This was generally considered a smart move by Jeff on the desk.

Mike had no guitar tonight so didn’t have that problem. He sang a couple from his favourite Johnny Hallyday LP, “Oeufs de Pingouin”

Jeff revealed that he always wanted a goldfish in a plastic bag (presumably, water would also be a feature) from the rag and bone man, although I can’t believe that totters ever went to Meliden (far too posh, although I suppose there’d be some quality rags ). We used to get Donkey Stones from our rag and bone man. Find out what they were  here. I was very touched a few weeks ago when my grandson said he was naming his new goldfish after me. He called it “Idiot”. Once again, some fine blues guitar from Jeffrey.

The poor old “Dove from Above” paper pigeon-on-a-stick is looking worse for wear, held together by half a roll of Sellotape. For the song about the pigeon from the arse end of Derby (other orifices are available), Alun had other props in the form of a cap and a muffler.. Well before the pigeon got lost in the storm, Alun was sweating buckets. His condition wasn’t helped by his insistence on stockpiling calories in preparation for a no-deal Brexit.

Whatever happened to Frank Spencer’s old jumpers when “Some mothers do ‘ave ’em” finished?

Look no further than Adrian West. Adrian’s Cornish song would have benefited from a West Country accent.

The first serious chorus singing of the night came through Brian with “Fare thee well cold winter” and “Rose of Allendale”, but there would be much more later.

Rick did one with guitar then extracted a mandolin from it’s case for “Copperhead Road”, with opportunity for banging, stamping and a bit of whooping. All these activities, especially the whooping, are frowned upon by Mr. West. “The DA’s got his chopper in the air” is one of my favourite song lines.mar 15 rh

Where’s Colin (with his mandolin) and the promised tune, offered as a prize some months ago? In fact, where’s Colin?

There was a surfeit of chocolate in the raffle, but at least we have seen the back of the Panettone which made several appearances in our raffle as Alun took it to Neal and Shereen’s fortnightly bash at Old Colwyn last week and finally got shut.

The Snowball again went unclaimed so it will keep rolling over if it isn’t won till AGM night (26th April) when we will continue pulling tickets out of the bag till someone wins.

T Gwyn assumed his regular spot after the break with a poem from Adrian Henri about a bloke working on the funfair.

EmCee again worked his timing to perfection for a round of two each, and a big finish with Alun leading “Mingulay”; some of the audience appeared distracted by a man on stage juggling balls.

Courtesy of AWR, here’s Jeff. You can hear some chorus singing but unfortunately most of the whistling birds have been lost.





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