Friday March 22nd 2019.

There were many apologies for absence tonight. The Pritchards had TB, with AWR called up from the bench to MC and me to do the photos. Ann had a bad back from carrying the worries of the world on her shoulders and Val was bare knuckle fighting at the Pavilion, so unfortunately there is no headless photo of me today. Brian was down the bingo.

Jeff volunteered to start. All great blues singers  have certain requirements for a name – there should be a physical impairment, a fruit and a president eg. Blind Lemon Jefferson. Anyway, the artist now known as Lame Kumquat Trump sang some Woody Guthrie before launching into “Get your hands off her (get your dirty mitts down)”. Come back Ted, all is forgiven.

Alun was sucking up to his old Latin teacher tonight. Not only did he sing some John Denver, he also copied Adrian’s style by slipping in a tune and not counting it in his set of two. He ended with one from Mike’s favourite album (Penguin Eggs), “Little Pot Stove”. Unfortunately Mike had gone off to the bog and missed it.

The aforementioned Mr. West was waxing lyrical about the coming of spring, despite having spent an afternoon walking down a railway line. His apparent attempt at suicide failed as trains have not run on that line for many years. He thinks he has gout.

Geoff Durno came as close as he will ever get to dropping his guitar, albeit the probably indestructible carbon fibre one. “Angeline is always Friday” and “Blues run the game” – despite a couple of momentary lapses with the words, stunningly good.

Mike was accompanied with his guitar for “Peggy Gordon” (always brings back memories of sailing into Dun Laoghaire about 6am on a club trip to watch the rugby (in a pub). His second was “Carrying Nelson Home” (in a cask of brandy, initially to preserve him, but they then found he tasted rather good and ate him)**

**That may not be completely true but I’m a bit short of material today.

Mel then got us singing and cheered us up in that order with “Lesson too late” (with a bonus free verse) and a song about his dead Grandad. His guitar was very badly fingermarked again. Mrs. B., please don’t send young Melvin out like that again or you’ll be having a letter from the Committee. We have standards.

Yet again the Snowball went unclaimed (Alison Shaw). It’s building up to a big one on AGM night when no one goes home till it’s won.

The Betjeman tonight was a sensitive one (ie. no drooling about girls in Liberty Bodices etc), followed by John Masefield’s”Sea Fever”. I can still remember most of Masefield’s “Cargoes” learnt by heart when I was at junior school; why can’t I remember why I’m staring into the fridge?

As I said earlier, with Val away there’s no photo of me from last night so I’ve got one Ruth took last month.

After three songs without a happy ending in sight, the audience were,as usual, glad to see the back of me.

Time for just one more from everyone else.

Jeff says the club trip this year will probably be back to Montgomery, probably July 13/14, setting you back around £75/£80. Let Jeff know asap if you’re interested. The only problems last time were with the catering, otherwise it was a hell of a good weekend, but this will be sorted.

Last Committee meeting we decided we needed more shanties to end the night. I’m thinking of doing this one – have a listen so you can join in with a reasonable level of expertise.



3 Responses to “Friday March 22nd 2019.”

  1. Lord Blythin of Gallt Melyd Says:

    Excellent write up, can’t wait to see and hear you doing the Shanty, will you be doing the movements as well?

  2. Andrew the Younger Says:

    We can probably must enthusiasm but expertise is a lot to ask at 10:40 on a Friday night.
    Also, Angeline is still on our soundcloud:

  3. Not too scarred after the bare knuckle fighting last night.
    That club trip to watch the rugby sounds brill. Why have such trips stopped?
    I’ll be back!

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