Friday April 5th 2019

Wow! What a night. EmCee had a lot to get through, but that didn’t stop Brian doing a long intro. It was worth the wait however – “The Mower” was one I don’t remember hearing before and “Liverpool Judies” got us all singing.

Mike strapped on his Stratocaster for “Now I’m Easy” before moving on to one about “The travelling people” (you can’t call ’em gypsies” these days).

Keith Price was in our midst. I didn’t recognise him without the handcuffs on. There’s nothing like a pit disaster to cheer us up. He grossly overestimated the mental capacity of the audience with the A level chorus to his second one however.

We haven’t seen Annette for some years. A lovely (predictably) Irish set from a lovely lady, with “Holy Ground” sung gently and slowly. Eee, it were reet grand.

In stark contrast was Rick. Seldom subtle. “Me upon my pony on my boat” What the **** is that about? One of EmCee’s favourites though. His “domestic” with Delora was entertaining and Andy Gallagher offered him a bed for the night as he probably wouldn’t have been let into the house.

Jeff continues to provide a great set on a week to week basis. Now he has more time to practise he is, it hurts me to say this, stunningly good every Friday.

Erin was a little girl when she last sang for us. She’s obviously learned a lot from Annette. “Black is the colour” had been on Alun’s list for tonight, but it was a delight to hear Erin do it. She’s obviously been brought up a good Catholic girl – the knees in her jeans were worn through with going to Mass twice a day.

“Billy Austin” usually divides the audience when I sing it, love it or hate it. They showed their appreciation in the usual way by standing up and walking out.

T Gwyn included “The cremation of Sam McGee” in his pair of poems. The bit where he sizzled when pushed into the fire put one or two off their crisps. Talking of cremations, Frank has a big birthday this week, He doesn’t want anyone to know, so I thought I’d mention it. Frank is now so old, when he goes to the crem for someone’s service, he wonders if it’s worth his while going home. Have a good day Frank, and many, many more. Will you bring in the telegram?

The Break.

Th Snowball rolls over to 50 quid next week. Keith won the 2 litre bottle of Ir’n Bru (made in Scotland from girders). Ir’n Bru has the reputation of being the world’s best cure for hangovers. However the new sugar-free version probably doesn’t work. If Keith drinks this all at once he’ll find when he goes to bed, he’ll spin round and point North.

It was down to Alun to calm the mob down after the frenzy of the raffle. His first song was his Welsh translation of “Scarborough Fair” (why?) – he implied that this was a 17thC English song, but we all know it was written by Paul Simon. “Rare ould times” proved too much of a temptation for his pole dancing friend, who did a few moves.

Adrian was back in his winter woolly. His preamble to the Morris tune and his disgust at allowing women to join Morris teams (how do you spell misogyny?) mentioned “Moses’ Ring”. Make up your own jokes.

Geoff Durno’s “Airport Story” never fails to please – I think it’s still there on the club’s Soundcloud site if you want a listen.

We didn’t think Andy Gallagher had any mates. He didn’t sing himself tonight but brought along Dez (Des?)

There isn’t a video available, but you can listen here, it’s worth your time, I assure you.

I understand Dez actually sings for a living and that he’d also written the songs himself. Please come again when you’re down here.

There was only time for more from the visitors. Erin’s “Parting Glass” had wizened old men crying as they joined in.

Keith rounded off in fine style with everyone belting out “Leave her, Johnny, leave her ” (she aint worf it!”).

I’ve always maintained that Keith isn’t the total muppet with a fiddle that everyone else says he is – to prove it you can see and hear him at the end.

Undoubtedly the best night we’ve had this year.

Next week we have guests “Wet the Tea”. Lots of Irish music to look forward to . No dancing please.

“Mint Julep” were around when the club was formed back in the 60s. Their vinyl LP “Three Chains of Gold” is now available to listen to in our archive section on this website courtesy of AWR. Click here

Without a bum note to be heard, here’s Keith.




One Response to “Friday April 5th 2019”

  1. Andrew the Younger Says:

    Ir’n Bru also has the dubious distinction of having been recently banned from President Trump’s Scottish golf course, despite being Scotland’s favourite soft drink (Only soft compared to everything else the Scots pour down their gullets).
    Apparently Donald wants to be the only nauseating orange thing on his course.

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