Friday April 12th 2019.

It was Scouse night. With the Pritchards off again filming the latest series of the S4C version of Love Island (on Anglesey), we were kept in check and on time by Edna. After understandably being a bit nervous to start, she did an excellent job.

Our guests tonight, back by popular demand, were “Wet the Tea”. We had foreplay from Jeff, Alun, Mike and Julian Assange; Julian hasn’t been for a while and he sang a nice set. There was a “Happy Birthday” for Frank who has now completed 80 orbits of the star we know as the Sun.

Since we last saw WTT, (who vie with Keith Price for the position of club’s second favourite scousers – Edna wins hands down) last year, there has been a change of personnel; the percussion section (apparently deported to the Antipodes) being replaced by Richie, who played fiddle, mandolin and what appeared to be a resonator ukelele.

WTT unashamedly play Irish music. The chat and all the vocals are down to Andy Connally, who also plays guitar, whistle and flute while he’s at it. Some traditional songs and some “home grown”.

Andy Saunders adds bouzouki, banjo and a bass which looked like it was strung with cords from his dressing gown.

A faultless selection of tunes and songs and we were at the break before we knew it. Edna summed up the first half as “bloody fabulous”.

The Break. The Snowball was unclaimed. WE ARE NOT HERE NEXT WEEK. DON’T TURN UP. It’s Good Friday and Tynewydd is closed, Some will be eating fish, I’ll be having a rare steak. On the 26th, it’s the AGM , we start at 7.30 and we will be drawing numbers out for the Snowball till we get a winner. Someone will go home with 50 quid in their pocket – if you’re not there it won’t be you.

Brian, T Gwyn and myself warmed up the crowd for part 2.

Another crackerjack set from WTT, with “The Parting Glass” reducing me to a wreck for the second time in two weeks. Big smiles on everyone’s face as we left. Thank’s to the two Andys and Richie for a thoroughly entertaining night.

For those who were there last week (or if you read the blog), there was a piece which caught my eye in the Liverpool Echo –

“At Liverpool Magistrates Court, Keith Price, an unemployed jobbing musician, pleaded guilty to a charge of illegally disposing of toxic waste into the public sewage system, namely 2 litres of Ir’n Bru, causing a large stretch of the Mersey to turn fluorescent orange and killing both the fish living in the river. Price, aged 92, who has previous convictions for murdering Molly Malone and John Barleycorn, will be sentenced next month after psychiatric assessment.”

Finally, full marks to Jeff. The sound was spot on. He had a hell of a lot of instruments to balance along with a multitude of gizmos I couldn’t pretend to understand. This photo only shows half of it.

Edna requested the boys play “Blue eyes crying in the rain”. It was recorded for posterity and your pleasure by AWR.



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