Friday April 26th 2019.

We used to have the club’s Anniversary party on Good Friday, but as Tynewydd is closed on Bank Holidays the date has to be changed (it’s a moveable feast anyway). Tonight was the chosen date to celebrate 55years of Rhyl Folk Club (beware of cheap, inferior imitations).

It was also the night chosen for the AGM. with a 7.30 kick off, Adrian stood in as acting Chair as EmCee was laid up at home, with Ruth running round and catering to his every whim. Like Adrian, the shorts-all-summer Emcee has his legs shaved each spring; but this is a high risk procedure for EmCee as he must come off the warfarin in case he gets a nick from the cut throat razor. It’s possible I may not have fully understood the procedure he was in for, but everyone wishes you well, Andrew, and hopes to see you back asap.

The evening proper got under way with AWR once again compering the night and myself on the Nikon. Alun sang the first Ralph McTell song of the night (Clare to Here) before picking up his accordion to Move through the Fair. I don’t know what sort of fair it was but there was nobody puking up on the Waltzers at this one.


Mike had been busy arranging the butties in order of the amount of dead animal contained therein and was taken by surprise when his name was called. “Rambling Boys of Pleasure” could probably describe the ultra cool blokes I remember working on the Waltzers, chatting up the girls with a Brylcreamed quiff and a a Woodbine balanced on the lip, skilfully avoiding the projectile vomit from the punters as they took the shillings without needing to hold on to anything.

We haven’t seen “Gorgeous” George Evans for a few years, which is a shame. Not one for the folkie purists but the other 95% thoroughly enjoyed his music from the ’70s.

I knocked out the night’s second McTell song, “Easter Lilies”, before giving next week’s guest, the always popular Tom McConville a plug with “Blaydon Races”.

Apr 26 awAdrian seemed to be reading an invisible newspaper. He is the only man in Wales who can talk dirty in Latin and knows more Morris tunes than you can shake a stick at. Tonight he captivated the audience with his explanation of the Roman Calendar.

A party wouldn’t be a party without Mel, first getting us all to yell “DaveDeeDozyBeakyMickandTitch as a chorus.

He had learnt a new song, specially for us at Tynewydd – “Ghost chickens in the sky”. Priceless. The neighbours must have thought someone had started a poultry farm next door.

Blues legend “Bad Guts” Blythin was once again picking some songs from the land of Trump with great aplomb. Trump always reminds me of a park bin; loud and colourful but ultimately, full of shit.

One of the “prizes” in the raffle tonight was a tube of hair removal cream. This could have saved EmCee some trouble, but it looked as though John Killion had already given it a go on his face.

“Whiskerless” John had a fine selection of songs from deepest Lancashire to ramp up the party spirit.

The Break.

Notwithstanding the aforementioned cream, there was a plethora of goodies in the raffle before we were allowed to gorge on the nosh at the back. A big round of applause for Mike & Sheila, Margaret and Edna for sorting it. The must-be-won Snowball (£55!) went on about the 4th ball out to Sandra Parry. I don’t know if she made it safely home with the cash, I saw Glenys and Carol plotting in the corner.

AWR quietly does vast amounts of “stuff” for the club. He has given the club an engraved very flash tankard which will be raffled on the 17th of May, the proceeds going to the Urdd Eisteddfod. T Gwyn explained what the Urdd was about and the club will be having a fundraiser on the 17th.

The second half started with some poetry from Dafydd. He was trying to keep the author of one of the works a surprise, but the cover of the book was a bit of a giveaway.

Tom McConville and Michael Higgins next week, but now here’s JK.




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