Friday May 3rd 2019.

Sadly the weather was too cold for shorts so we didn’t get to see EmCee’s recently shaved legs. Tonight we had guests, in the form of Tom McConville and Michael Biggins.

A Chinese Burn from EmCee persuaded me to go on first, followed by Mike and then Jeff (top notch sound again Mr. Blythin) before our guests came on for their first set.

Most of our members have seen Tom before, but for those who haven’t there are several differences and some similarities between our two guests :-

One is hirsute

One isn’t.

One is very young.

One isn’t.

One plays keyboards.

One doesn’t.

One is an extremely accomplished musician.

So is the other.

There was an evening full of song, music, stories and anecdotes. I’m not going to give a list of all the songs and tunes as I was enjoying myself too much to write ’em down; if you were there you heard ’em and if you couldn’t be arsed to turn out, tough titty. A great set of hornpipes ended part 1. (Which reminds me, what’s happened to Colin?)

The second half had Andy Gallagher, Adrian and Dez to settle us down before a second set from our guests.

Tom would seem to be disappointed that fellow Newcastle raised Mark Knopfler never asked him to join Dire Straits. He showed what had been missed by frequently holding his fiddle like a miniature Stratocaster, but didn’t play “Sultans of Swing”. Missing a trick there, Tom.

Highlights of the night for me? Hard to choose. Probably “Listen to the Wind”, followed by “Hector the Hero”.

The night was wound up with the ever popular “Roseville Fair” and a tune as encore.

If you didn’t have a good night, you should be under the turf. One final difference between our two guests:-

One asked to be paid in cash

One asked for funeral vouchers.

Singers Night next week (Ruth may be back so you’ll get some decent photos) – I won’t be there so there may be a bigger turnout. Mel has generously donated a bottle of Penderyn to the fund raising raffle for the Urdd on the 17th (joining AWR’s tankard) and we hope to have some young people performing (albeit in Welsh). (That should stir ’em up!)


One Response to “Friday May 3rd 2019.”

  1. Lord Blythin of Gallt Melyd Says:

    Excellent synopsis (oooh big word, i must go and lie down) of the evening, I liked the crack about the funeral vouchers. He he.

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