Friday 17th may 2019.

It would have been nice to have had a few more bums on seats for our Urdd Eisteddfod fundraising night, but people were ill, on holiday or, in the case of Jeff and the Jeffettes, in Tel Aviv, representing Wales in the Eurovision thing. EmCee decided we could do three each, and Mike started us off, including a couple to get us singing. “Franklyn” was pitched in too high a key but he managed to get through it, although he could be seen squeezing his nuts in his pockets.

Rick. When are you going to get a bloody haircut. Our Texan chum started with a tune, the origins of which went over my head, and ended with one of his own songs. He is the only performer I’m happy to hear singing with an American accent, which reminds me, our next guests are not on till the end of June -“Rip Roaring Success”, who are 2/3 of the “Jaywalkers”; I may not be allowed to do the blog for that one.

It was then time for Adrian and the Amazing Technicolour Nightmare Shirt. Looked like someone had puked a Pizza Margherita over him. The bloke in the first song got hanged, the bloke in the second got shot.


Three from me was a bit much for many to handle. Margaret came in half way through my first song and dithered at the door as she contemplated going back home.

Mel had generously donated a bottle of Penderyn to the Urdd raffle. Tonight he was playing a spotlessly clean guitar (well done Mrs.B) and after having a go at politicians (and why not) he was joined by T Gwyn who contributed a verse in Cymraeg to finish off the Hippopotamus song (Mud, mud, glorious mud) before his set proper.

Following the “normal” raffle, where of course I was empty handed (I’m sure Sheila throws out my ticket), we arrived at the main event of the evening.

The Mayor of Rhuddlan had come along to support us tonight (although he couldn’t be arsed to wear his “stuff”) and drew the tickets. Found it necessary to have a dig at Rhyl.

As well as the Penderyn, there was a tankard and a gallon of Welsh beer, very kindly donated by AWR and also a RFC hip flask and some Jack Daniels to fill it. I had earlier proposed a motion to make it “Snowball” style and the winners must be present to get a prize. This was carried on a show of hands but AWR who was holding about 50 tickets for various people had an overriding vote. I had taken along a pick axe handle to deter Glenys and Carol from “redistributing” my prize(s) but not surprisingly my tickets were left in the bucket. The Penderyn and Jack Daniels went to the AWR cooperative (smacks of Horace Bachelor, Dept1, Keynsham, spelt….) and Adie got the tankard and beer. The man claiming to be Mayor (did anyone actually know him?) went away with £206 towards Eisteddfod costs.

I’d hinted to EmCee that a further round of three with the addition of Delora and Geoff Skellon would do us nicely. There were readings from Delora and Geoff (one was an English translation of a Hedd Wyn piece – may not have gone down well with the purists), and we launched into  a round of just 2 each. At 10.10pm., EmCee showed the flexibility and infallibility of “the system” and there was time for a further song each.

Mel rounded off the night to send us home with a smile, even if some of us (probably just me) were empty handed. We should be back to full numbers next week, although I understand Brian hasn’t been the best for the last few weeks. We wish him well and hope he’s back soon – I miss taking the piss. I’ve also been missing Gillian and Brian. Come in and see us. Eurovision – can’t wait.


One Response to “Friday 17th may 2019.”

  1. Andrew Weighill-Richards Says:

    Had a go at Rhyl? We should’ve kept Arwel’s wallet.

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