Friday May 24th 2019.

Summer has officially arrived – EmCee was proudly showing off his recently shaved legs. Adrian was the chosen one tonight; he seemed in reasonably good spirit, despite secretly being distraught at the axing of the Jeremy Kyle show and having contracted bronchopneumonia. For those not acquainted with the Kyle thing, it was a programme where the audience were whipped to a frenzy and then not very subtly manipulated, a bit like “Songs of Praise”.

I followed with a set of three (“the system” was back). I was puzzled as to why no one was joining in “Paddy Lay Back”. It turned out that the guitar was so loud it wasn’t possible to hear my voice. Many considered this “a result”.

Alun was back from his nautical tour of the Baltic. His set included the first of tonight’s songs about nightingales singing in the valley (ie. shagging). His more authentic offering was delivered in his best Pirates of Penzance accent. We have yet to see any tee shirt photos from his trip, but things are already busy on the “Tshirts on tour” section on this website, where Alice added a particularly original pic. This one by AWR from the Prado in Madrid doesn’t really count.

Jeff had been to a Kurdish barbers for a shave and haircut. The story lasted about 20 minutes and was possibly the highlight of the night.

20 quid gets every part of your face shaved, including cotton buds soaked in superglue to remove those bogey laden nasal hairs, a haircut, and presumably something for the weekend. The experience took it out of him and, as you can see, he dozed off, drooling out of his open gob, part way through his set.

Our final turn was a newcomer to the club, and EmCee invited Phil to the stage with his fiddle. For reasons known only to himself, his parents and his Birth Certificate, Phil insisted that his name was Jim, but EmCee wasn’t having anything to do with it. In the event, Phil/Jim played a set of solos (or was it a duet?) on his fiddle, including the Ashokan Farewell to placate EmCee, who by now Jim had down as a nutter.

Speaking of nutters, there were some “interesting” harmonies in the second half and some off-putting movements from the front, which is one reason why Jeff has nominated Alun’s “Ride On” as track of the week, as he got through in demanding circumstances. The Committee need to formulate a plan. EmCee asked me not to say anything about the Phil/Jim incident, so I won’t. Here’s Alun, you’ll have to imagine what’s occurring off screen.


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