Friday July 5th 2019.

We had a new bouncer on the door last night – with M & S away, Ruth wasn’t letting anyone in who hadn’t got clean underwear.

EmCee had lost (again) at the bowling. He tried to blame it on Alun’s hat but, as you can see, he wasn’t wearing it. (He’s the one on the left).

As punishment for giving him a duff loser’s hat, Alun was sent on first. Excessive ornamentation with the guitar (ie. I could never hope to play like that) on Lord Franklyn, but Mingulay to loosen up our vocal cords.

Adrian looked as if he’d come straight from Blackpool beach (other run down resorts are available) with sand between his toes and donkey shoyt stuck to his sandals. He had the audacity to instruct us on how we should dress!

Note, Mr. West it’s rude to point.His first song contained gratuitous violence, but he failed to answer the question of why the bloke (hanged at the end) bludgeoned his lady friend to death and dumped the body in the river in the first place.

I remember Dave Costello (was his backing group “The Attractions? or was that Elvis Costello?) singing “Crazy Man Michael”. Despite the word burglars sneaking in, an excellent interpretation of the song, Jeffrey.

Excellent photos again from Ruth this week, all B & W. The film’s cheaper.

Geoff Durno stayed the whole night. His sets always lower my systolic and diastolic¬† readings by 10 points. Shame he lost the rhyming and then the timing. I didn’t realise he had money or friends (Harvey Andrews).

A couple from me, without any major cock-ups. Miss Lowden, now 29, is cutting down on her drinking.

T Gwyn had a new (to us) offering from Betjeman – “Sun and Fun”. About an ageing night club proprietress. It starts when she opens up the club in the morning – “There was kummel on the handle of the door”; he tried to tell us “Kummel” was a liqueur. Make your own minds up on that one. If you’re having a function, Gwyn is now available as an Elvis impersonator, competitive rates.

The Commercial Break. This week we are sponsored by WD40. If you would like to read the image below of their ad from 1964, you can attempt to answer the following question – “How the hell did they get away with it?”

Following the message from our favourite lubricant, we were treated to a second half of chorus songs. Full marks to everyone – a great hour’s worth.

One of my songs from part 1 was Mickey MacConnell’s “Xanadu”. Few of us have not been affected by dementia in people we know and love. This is a beautifully crafted song, approaching the subject from a different perspective; always makes Lesley cry (as does poking her in the eye). I don’t really do it justice (no change) but here it is anyway. What’s with the lighting? My normal pube-like barnet looks like a bloke from a Silvikrin advert.



One Response to “Friday July 5th 2019.”

  1. A Weighill-Richards Says:

    It’s not the lighting, John. Everyone looks better in front of an Elvis mic, even you.

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