Friday July 12th 2019

EmCee was a bit late getting out of the blocks, then when he eventually started, he had to tell us all (in great detail) about his bowls matches this week. Which he’d won. As I’ve said many times before in this column, and constantly proved right – nobody gloats like a Welshman.

Mike opened the singing bit with three, ending with “Who knows where the time goes”. It could only go downhill from there. And it did.

I quickly brought the standard down.The 4 line chorus in “Bonny lass of Fyvie” was too much for most. EmCee grappled with the concept of a town in Aberdenshire being called Fyvie for some reason. “Parting Glass” was so-so,but as it’s one of AWR’s favourite songs I felt someone should be singing it, however badly. Do not underestimate how much Andrew does for the club, which usually involves him dipping deeply into his own pocket; he deserves some reward albeit very small in this case. Part way through my set, Jeff disappeared outside. Following the ingestion of a veg curry (too much chilli and too much fibre), he thought it better to discharge his gaseous excesses outside. During “Fyvie” I could see men in Biohazard suits trying to revive pedestrians but I understand many failed to survive as far as Glan Clwyd.

What do men use to catch fish? Annette! Look, it’s hard to write this column 45 weeks a year, give me some slack. Always a treat, a shame she doesn’t get to us more often. One criticism – what happened to half the verses in “Wild mountain time”? Please come back soon.

Adrian wasn’t with us this week. He’d been on the beach again but on the way home he spotted his imaginary friend in the playground and stopped to play on the swings. He lost track of time and Liz said because he’d been late and his tea had gone cold, he wasn’t allowed out. Thanks for that, Liz, we owe you.

Alun was still suffering with his throat problem. Having had to divert large sums of his ill gotten gains into the easy money account of an ENT consultant, he was told he has nodules on his vocal cords. Hopefully the suggested treatments will restore him to his former glory, but in the meantime he was mixing songs with reciting poems etc. His first half song was Ewan MacColl’s “30 foot trailer”. This pre-decimal song contains a line you’ve to be careful with if you’ve got predictive text – “Farewell to the cant and the travelling tongue…”.

Jeffrey was on fire with his guitar in open G. He’s hoping to arrange a quiz night (in a boozer, not at Tynewydd), but more of that later.

Mel and Geoff Durno had both arrived late, probably assuming I’d be first on tonight.

Adrian will be sorry he missed Mel’s version of John Denver’s “Some days are diamonds”, but he would have probably tut-tutted at his very non PC (but very funny) gag.

Geoff sang a couple I don’t remember hearing before, accompanied, as always, by his seemingly effortless but precise guitar style. The carbon fibre job seems to be his guitar of choice these days – it’s a long time since we’ve seen any of his others.

The break saw the reappearance of a bottle of Lambrini in the raffle. It’s yours for ever, Annette. Do NOT bring it back. Ever.

A great second half to follow, with about 90%  chorus songs. Jeff organised the audience into “pull”ers and “heave”ers to go along with John Kanaka. Why can’t we get more bums on seats when we provide nights like this? If you would like to reply to this or have any other suggestions, next week there should be a Suggestion Box available at the club for your anonymous views. Another box will be for requests for your favourite songs. If we get any for “Sheep crook & black dog”, we know that you put ’em in Brian. Hope you’re feeling better.

Pencil in the evening of Tuesday August 6th for the quiz. It will probably take the format of a quiz and  fish & chips (a “fish supper” if you are of a Scottish disposition) and some music. This is open to anyone you may care to bring – if you’re lucky enough to have a friend, bring ’em along – they don’t have to have been to the club. Ask the lady in the van who lives on your drive or the homeless person outside Wilcos. There’s an outside chance they might like what they hear and come on a Friday night.

Here’s a sample of what they’re missing (WARNING – contains adult humour).


One Response to “Friday July 12th 2019”

  1. Geoff Skellon Says:

    I’m glad to keep receiving the posts and up dates from the folk club, I’d like to be there more often. At the moment I’m crocked up with a broken leg so at least I’ve got time on my hands to learn some new stuff. Best wishes to everyone. Geoff Skellon

    Geoff Skell

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