Friday July 26th 2019.

As you know, everything you read in this column is solid fact – no fake news here. Stuart and Edna were away ( with The Pritchards and Roly?) at a Motown do, presumably at Halewood (the Bridgend one was cancelled). Couldn’t make it up if I’d tried.

AWR did his intro in Esperanto; talking to 10%of the audience means you’re losing 90%?The point seemed lost on some.

He put me on first. I’d been for a haircut this week; there was a military man having a cut at the same time. I got through my set without too many cock-ups for a change. Robshaw took my photo but I haven’t put it on here; you can see this and his other attempts on our Facebook page.

Brian was back!


It was good to see him again. “Was it good to hear him again?”, I hear you ask. My brief says I don’t have to answer that question. He was heavily into whaling tonight, but thankfully we were spared the full audio-visual experience.

Adrian was cutting a dash in his brilliant white outfit. Or he would have been if Liz hadn’t put her new, bright purple thong (85p, Aldi special) in the wash with it last week. More of a muddy mauve now (and shirt needed an iron). We had the usual Morris tune on the gob organ – Adrian explained that although women were now allowed to join Morris teams, the decision had to always be approved by the men in the team first. How do you spell “misogyny”?

Alun enlisted the “help” of Jeffrey for “Clare to Here”. Excellent chorus song, followed by the equally excellent tune “Miss Rowan Davies” and the mass hanging song – not entirely cheerful but another good chorus.

With Brian tonight obsessed by exterminating the whale, Mike took over the vacant poaching and press gang slots. More good chorus songs.

Jeffrey then returned for his own slot. His body was knackered after shovelling sand and cement all day. I’d spotted him with his phone, during my spot, perusing e Bay for low mileage mobility scooters. Stuff about the quiz appears at the end.

T Gwyn had some Banjo Paterson for us – one of Australia’s greatest contributions to the civilised world (along with ball-tampering and “sledging” in the cricket). John Cooper Clark’s gritty “Beasley Street” took us to a late break.

The second half was round again in ones. My contribution was the first request spot. “Maggie” was apparently requested by Edna. As she was elsewhere getting on down to the Motown sounds, she missed it. Next week Jeff will sing “One too many mornings” (my selection) . I will write all the requests down on single slips and we will pick out one each week at random to performed the following Friday. You can add further requests at any time. Similarly, the Suggestion box will be available each week.

THE QUIZ. Tuesday 6th August 7.30pm at the Piccadilly, Caerwys (where the treasure hunt ended last year). YOU NEED TO TELL JEFF YOUR FOOD CHOICES BY NEXT FRIDAY. If you didn’t get a menu last night there will be more available next week or here is the link to their page. A main course is usually pretty filling. There will be a “Jeff style” quiz (ie  a high IQ is probably a disadvantage) and we will be playing music after. If you can’t get to the club e mail me at . Please bring your friends, there’s plenty of room. Here’s a reminder of last year’s event.

And for Edna here’s “Maggie”


One Response to “Friday July 26th 2019.”

  1. Thank you John for doing Maggie sorry I wasn’t there but I’ve listened to it on sound cloud I do love that song holds a lot of memories for me x

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