Friday August 2nd 2019.

This evening, EmCee had a vast amount of talent to call upon, as well as me. He’s been dropped from his bowling team, so we should have heard the last of that, but it will give him more time to practise on his Dobro.

Brian had moved on from last week’s whaling adventures and was back to regular “old stuff”. Still looks like he needs to eat more pies, but more of that later.

Alun was preparing for next week’s quiz (get to the Piccadilly for 7.00) by playing “Spot the River”. First was the Shenandoah River in “Country Roads” and the second was the Missouri in the song “Shenandoah”.

A rare treat for us is the appearance of a performer of the female persuasion, so it was a joy to hear Christina, who knocked out “High Germany” and a ditty from the Chester area, “The Jolly Miller”. Hopefully, she’ll be back with more next week.

Mel had brought yet another guitar with him tonight. This one didn’t show the fingermarks. Maybe he only has a couple and keeps painting ’em different colours? He was back in ladies underwear, peddling some new Folk Club merchandise – a customised “Folk Thong”. Suits you, Sir! “Last Train and Ride” was the first of the night’s selection from Ralph McTell’s first album, the classic “Spiral Staircase” – should be in everyone’s collection. OK, perhaps not Adrian’s.

Jeffrey sang “One Too Many Mornings”. Brilliantly. This was  my request song – next week ‘s request pulled out of the bag by EmCee is for Mike to sing “Last Trip Home”, assuming he’s back.

Robshaw played whistle (in our heads) with Jeff for for “Get your hands off her”. For those of you who remember the real Ted, here is a photo of him singing that same song. The ladies shoes? Don’t ask.

Geoff Skellon recited some poignant Rupert Brook,before delving into deepest Lancashire  for(most of)”I’m always glad to see a man like thee”.

The first half was brought to a close with some traditional Scottish Country and Western from Andy Gallagher.

Ruth had been multi-tasking tonight, as only a woman can, working the door and taking the photos. I remember a patient explaining why women are so good at multi-tasking – they are unable to prioritise. More letters coming my way.

Now Boris is in charge, anyone earning over £150K a year will of course be admitted to the club (and everywhere else) free. I’d paid tonight’s admission with some of the newly minted 50p coins, made to commemorate the appointment of our new PM.

I opened part 2. Tonight’s second offering from “Spiral Staircase” was “Factory Girl” – a shame to spoil such a lovely song. I then had them weeping in the aisles with the original version of the Everly Brothers’ “Ebony Eyes”, the classic “Hollands Meat pies”. Other meat pies are available, but frankly, why would you bother? Get some down your neck, Brian.

Time for just one each before the finale of “Wild Mountain Thyme” – we haven’t done that for ages.

Adrian had been a sartorial disaster once again. His song “The Nutting Girl” disappointed when we discovered it was not about a girl who went round headbutting people.

For those of you going to Caerwys, be there about 7.00, it’s going to be a great night.

Meanwhile, have a listen to Jeff, at his best. Then play it again.






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