Friday August 9th 2019.

With the “spot of shame”on his left trouser leg still damp, Alun transported us back to the 60s with the Seekers’ “World of our own” – didn’t have Judith Durham’s appeal but he did have a gob iron. I imagine the Seekers are about as popular as John Denver with an ex teacher. Hands up those who give a monkey’s. Lovely chorus song, although I couldn’t reach the top notes.

I had to follow Alun (never easy), first with the poignant “Billy Austin” and then “Caledonia” for Lesley. Shame she wasn’t there.

Thanks again to Jeff for organising last week’s quiz night (usually spelled “nite”?) and to the Piccadilly in Caerwys for catering for us so well once again. Jeff raised the tempo  and we were all singing along with “Wagon Wheel”.

Christina was also back in the 60s with some Pete Seeger and Dylan classics. What happened to the last 50 years? A life?  Refreshing as always to hear someone who’s not a bloke.

The aforementioned ex teacher sang what has been described as “a moribund song”. Few would disagree. Then he done the “Dunn” song.

Brian then made “Billy Austin” sound like a comedy classic with Child Ballad no. 1642 about an arranged marriage. The 16 year old groom sires a child then rapidly pops his clogs. If he sings this one again you now know what happens and you can nip outside for a fag till it’s finished.

There was Scots stuff from Jim in the form of “Miss Rowan Davies” followed by a lively Scott Skinner tune which was apparently written for Mr Skinner’s dentist; undoubtedly a worthy gentleman and consummate professional who worked long hours in difficult conditions for little reward.

Straight from the mud of the Eisteddfod, where she’d won first prize (albeit in a class of one) was Maggie with her poem. We don’t get female performers for years on end then they’re there in droves.

That took us nicely to the break. Some varied stuff in the raffle tonight – Christian took home the “Agony or ecstasy” prize of a pack of Anadin plus a pack what the French call “Preservatifs”. It will be interesting to find out how things went. In addition to the usual stuff to put down your neck, there was also a book about pancakes – I’m no pancake expert but I know a tosser when I see one. Are the old gags the best?

There was more verse from Geoff Skellon and then Andy Gallagher had some Johnny Cash followed by the song about the bloke who stole a car one bit at a time. Andy will need to go to the hole in the wall this morning to get cash for my reward when I return his guitar to him in the home, after he managed to leave it at the club.

Geoff Durno’s set was worth the wait with another Seekers song and this week’s choice which you can hear below.

Only time for singles  as we went round again. Good News!! I won’t be there next week.



2 Responses to “Friday August 9th 2019.”

  1. The Trees They Do Grow High is not a Child Ballad. This is known because Ewan MacColl and A L Lloyd included it on their 1957 album “Great British Ballads Not Included In The Child Collection”.
    Historic note :It has been suggested that it is based on the marriage of the young Urquhart of Craigston to Elizabeth Innes about 1633.

    • jonesthephones Says:

      Thank you Andrew. I couldn’t sleep last night for worrying. You’ve set my mind at rest… Phew. Diolch byth am Gwgl 😇

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