Friday August 16th 2019

It’s fifty years since Max Yasgur hosted one of the most important musical events ever and there are eerie comparisons with our club: Our show went on tonight despite sporadic rain (like Woodstock), Bob Dylan declined our invitation (just like Woodstock) and most of our audience were born in the 1940’s (totally like Woodstock). Oh, and John Shepherd wasn’t here tonight (And he wasn’t at Woodstock either!!!). Coincidence?
Yeah. Prob’ly.

Emcee had it easy tonight. He had a list full of great turns. Funny how we always have such a good night when John Shepherd’s away.

Mr West opened proceedings with the first genuine Child ballad of the night: Robin Hood & The Fifteen Foresters (Child 139), which he’s now learned the missing verses of (since the full lyrics were tracked down and printed for him by a helpful younger member). He professed himself very pleased with his faultless performance.
Normal service was resumed when Nancy Of Yarmouth proved determined to trip him up. More gaffs than a Yarmouth fishing boat!
Tonight’s Morris tune was the Headingley short stick dance, Rigs of Marlow. That’s the one that sounds like the red red robin going bob-bob-bobbing along.
The Maid And The Palmer is such arrant nonsense it could only be traditional. (Child 21)

Mr Durno sang The Hobo’s Lullaby as a request. The committee will be debating whether such a request was legal, having not gone through the proper channels (i.e. the request box).
His potted history of Woodstock was the night’s longest and most interesting intro, in this instance to Amazing Grace (in the style of Arlo Guthrie). A music stand was requested but Geoff had to make do with Neal Jones holding his paper up for him while we all sang along.

Mr Hawkins has recovered from his recent bout of tummy trouble and was in fine voice. Ewan MacColl’s The First Time Ever I Saw Your face is truly one of the great love songs but when Mike sings it I always feel he’s really only singing to Sheila and we’re all playing gooseberry.
Rambling Boys Of Pleasure really is a pleasure, every time. Tonight Mike had a third song: The request box song from two weeks ago. The Last Trip Home is a relatively recent addition to Mike’s repertoire and a very worthy one.

Mr Blythin put another log on the fire. Not literally. It’s a country song written by Shel Silverstein. Pity T Gwyn missed it. Jeff then proceeded to steal another of Dave Costello’s songs: Dave Wiffen’s Driving Wheel.

The Bull Boys were back. Brian ably supported by Richard for Roll, Alabama, Roll and One Starry Night (collected from Mary Duke).

Alun Rhys Jones promised a short intro. He lied. He played the tune Glaw’r Hydref (Autumn Rain) leading into Ffair Scarbwrch (Scarborough Fair) then Ewan MacColl’s Thirty Foot Trailer.

The raffle was a complete fiasco. There was no chocolate orange!

Mr Barratt brought a new song along: The Leaving is about final high school exams in Ireland. Funny subject for a song but it actually worked rather well and anyway, I’d probably give Mel a good review if he sang a shopping list (bread, cheese, supermarket wine…).
His second song was another request: The Original Honkytonk Train. Geoff Skellon will be gutted he missed it.
Jake Thackray’s The Lodger brought the tone right down, not even bothering to thinly veil the smut, but it’s a brilliantly witty bit of lyric writing and Mel’s delivery and timing were impeccable.

I said Emcee had a list full of talent. Well, rounding it off in the last-but-by-no-means-least spot were our old friends Neal and Shereen and Alan. Here Comes The Sun seemed overly optimistic this August. Shereen took the lead for I Say A Little Prayer For You and Simon &Garfunkel’s The Boxer, which was my personal choice as song of the week. Unfortunately for those of you who missed tonight, Neal and Shereen have never given us recording permission (& it’s a matter of policy to respect performers’ wishes) so you’ll just have to take my word for it that they delivered a brilliant cover of a classic song.

Emcee cracked the whip and rushed through our first few turns again for one apiece before our customary shanty to finish.

Next week’s request is John Shepherd’s dogging song.

And there’s just time to mention that there is a meeting in Tynewydd Community Centre at 1:30 PM next Friday (23rd) regarding the future of the building. We urge all those who can attend to do so in support of all the groups who use the centre and who will suffer if it’s closed down.

Goodnight and joy be with you all.

Andrew the Younger


2 Responses to “Friday August 16th 2019”

  1. jonesthephones Says:

    Very minor and pedantic too, but the contrived Welsh name for Scarborough would be spelt with a ‘g’ i.e. Sgarbwrch… Good effort though 😉

  2. Andrew The Younger Says:

    Rwy’n gweld bod cymaint o’r eirfa Gymraeg fodern yn ‘contrived’.

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