Friday August 23rd 2019.

On a lovely summer evening, the room was full,with the crowd expecting a great night’s entertainment. My set included Tennyson’s “Crossing the Bar” – the extended metaphor of “crossing the bar” represents travelling from life through death.   After the initial disappointment of me being on first, things picked up.

We thought Mike had used his guitar as kindling as we hadn’t seen it for months, but it was back tonight for two songs. Still, with winter imminent, and the need for some warmth from a fire, maybe there’s hope yet?

Christina, a Yorkshire lass, sang “On Ilkley Moor Baht ‘at” – there is another chorus we sing in Lancashire but we won’t go into that here. She followed this with “Scarborough Fair” from a female perspective (tell him to make me a cambric bra?).

Brian is living off the Scottish diet of fried breakfasts, Irn Bru, white pudding suppers and deep fried Mars Bars in order to put back the pounds.

Tonight he sang two love songs – the first, “Queen of Hearts”, was a pale copy of Motorhead’s “Ace of Spades”. Not a song to pull the ladies I fear, Brian.

Jeffrey, after a stuttering start, gave us “Hesitation Blues”. He had to rely on the audience for the whistling in “What a Day for a Daydream”

Adrian was unable to assist in the whistling, being challenged in the “blowing air through the puckered lips” department. He’d been to the Kurdish barbers this week (why?? Baldilocks and the 3 hairs?). He’d also been thrown out of the library as his shirt was too loud.

T Gwyn read John Lennon’s “Deaf Ted, Danoota and Me”, which I particularly like as it includes a significant win by Burnley over Aston Villa, before losing me with something in Welsh.

Star prize in the raffle was a giant tin of Butcher’s Tripe, but not only was the chocolate orange back, it was dark chocolate! – that one wasn’t offered round.

Alun started after the break. “Lisa Lan” is one his best songs in Welsh, but I couldn’t tell you what it’s about.

Jim had made the journey from LLanGodknowswhere with his fiddle, tonight playing a polka and a Scottish lament.

Continuing on the Scottish theme, Andy Gallagher started the general downward drift of the tone of the night with “Knocking Nellie”. I dragged things further into the mire with last week’s request, “Dogging”. The requests are anonymous (unless you choose to put your name on the slip), but apparently “Dogging” was written in Latin, so…. .

Time for one each. EmCee asked “Where’s Terry McKenna?” Come and sing to us Terry, we miss you.

With Alun away next week we had to bring forward the request for “Martha the Watercress Girl” which Alun and Jeff performed in the usual genteel manner.

“Mingulay” was the big finish – always sends people away with a song in their hearts.

Here’s Alun, solo.



One Response to “Friday August 23rd 2019.”

  1. A Weighill-Richards Says:

    Here’s ARJ’s 2017 performance of Lisa Lan (with subtitles), as seen on Wikipedia!

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