Friday August 30th 2019

Tonight was never going to be a “normal” night. Last Saturday we lost Val, Alun’s big sis, when her candle gently blew out while leading a group of ramblers above Conwy. No words can say how much we all miss her.

Jeff was compering tonight and decided we should have the standard folk club sets of three for a change (3 songs or a max of 15 minutes, 2 falls or 1 submission). Wanting to get the crap out of the way first he was snookered as I’d opened last week, so he volunteered himself. Still, it was good to hear you sing whilst sober, Jeff. Once again he’d plundered the Dave Costello songbook, with “Crazy Man Michael”. This is no reference to Mr Gove, who is not so much crazy, simply a tosser.

We seemed to go for years with female singers a rarity. Last night, t’other Val got her light out from her bushel. After an understandably nervous start she quickly settled down and sang us a lovely set. “Emerald Green” was one of my favourite songs from last year, when “Risky Business” introduced it to us  ; Val delivered it perfectly.

Mike again started off with guitar. Unfortunately he’s again using excess nutmeg on his rice puddin’ as a hallucinogen and wound up trashing the instrument Pete Townshend style at the end. (Maybe it was me on the drugs?)

I’d put new strings on my guitar this week, but it didn’t prevent bum notes creeping in. A few weeks ago Stuart was complaining that no one sang any “Meatloaf” at the club. I corrected that last night.

We are still getting suggestions in the box – please keep them coming, we’ll discuss them in depth at the next meeting. One from a couple of weeks ago was “Ban the wearing of shorts”. That gets my vote. I doubt the “offenders” will give a toss. Adrian has been having problems with his neighbour/fence interface. If his cat  defaecates in next door’s garden, he deserves problems. “The beggar” was at least lively after Napoleon whining about being exiled.

“Streets of London” is one of the best songs written in the 20thC.. Why Geoff has to meddle with the tune is a mystery. “Nearer to Nettles” is a Jez Lowe song from about 25 years ago, but still sadly relevant today. Almost a very nice set, Geoff.

At 9.30 Jeff decided it was time for a wee and a raffle.

Christina started part 2, with “Bridge over Troubled Water”, then Pete Seeger’s “Little Boxes” and, a flashback to her time in the Guides, “Kumbaya”. Lots to join in with there.

It had to happen, probably sooner rather than later. Brian was back on poaching. He’s got the request spot next week with “Call and the Answer”. William Hill is giving good odds on “Transportation” being back in the next fortnight.

Is T Gwyn growing a beard, or is he just a scruffy git, couldn’t be bothered with a razor before coming out? “Yr Eira Ar Y Coed” (the snow on the trees) was one of Val’s favourites.

With just 20 minutes left, only time for a few singles.

Thanks once again to Jeff for MCing on such a difficult night. See you all next week.



One Response to “Friday August 30th 2019”

  1. Lovely picture of Val, sitting at the P.A. Mixer-desk. Sound engineer from hell? Nah, that’ll be from heaven, I reckon

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