Friday September 6th 2019.

Back with a regular photographer and MC (EmCee was bestowed with that honour by King Edward V11), the start was delayed as Margaret gave us an update on the future of Tynewydd as a Community Centre – there does appear to be a good chance of the Centre continuing to function. Brian went straight in with two chorus songs, followed by “The Mower”,the story of an electrical rotary appliance with inbuilt grass collector.

New face Graham sang an unusual medley of several songs in different styles, all rolled into one, accompanied on guitar and gob iron. Things ground to a halt when his mouth organ clogged up with spit, phlegm or whatever. The harmonica is possibly the word’s least hygienic instrument (NEVER borrow one), with the possible exception of the didgeridoo, which requires anal breathing to produce the continuous flow of air down the tube. What can you expect from Aussies?

Mike had his glued his guitar back together after last week for “Come by the Hills” but it wasn’t needed for “Raglan Road”. Always special.

I made a fair job of cocking up Ralph McTell’s “Easter Lilies”, but having forecast a transportation song from Brian in last week’s blog (and been let down)  was forced to dredge up “Jamie Raeburn’s Farewell”, about a Glaswegian shipped off to Lobotomy Bay for thieving, where he probably learnt to play the didgeridoo.

Jeff had brought two guitars with him this evening.

He played a superb vestapol (a tune that sounds like a train) on his newly refretted  Takemine. The frets and the fingers all appeared to be in the right places at exactly the right time.

Geoff Skellon was in fine form tonight.

He sang about his sister Sarah “getting a chap”, before reciting a Cyril Fletcher “Odd Ode”. I remember Cyril Fletcher being on the telly in a program with Esther Rantzen, but I’m buggered if I can remember what it was called. Geoff is proof (not that it’s needed) that music stands are unnecessary and in many cases, actually hinder performers.

Gareth, an infrequent visitor, played some memorable tunes on fiddle, with a bit of vocal thrown in. Almost like Tom McConville.

Dez is always a welcome treat. Many of the songs he performs are his own, but not to be confused with the “here’s one wot I rote last Wednesday when my goldfish died” stuff we have heard too often from budding singer/songwriters. This is quality stuff.

The Break.

T Gwyn had made some effort with a razor on his face this week. One from Oz about a bushranger, (“The Wild Colonial Boy”), who was shot while playing the didgeridoo. His second was a lovely piece (but no lust or young lady’s underwear) from Betjeman called “A Bay in Anglesey”, which featured the word “sussuration”. Impress your friends tonight when you drop that into a sentence.

I’ve just remembered, it was called “That’s Life”.

Andy Gallagher was accompanied by Dez on an unknown tune.Whatever it was it was actually very good.

Time for one each with an extra from Brian with the request spot, “The Call & the Answer”. Next week’s request is for me to do another by Fascinating Aida – if you’re really pissed off with Brexit, PLEASE have a listen (WARNING, it does contain some naughty words) to the three posh ladies singing “So sorry Scotland”.

If I’d known Brexit was going to drag on for so long and end up making this country some sort of banana republic, I’d have taken the trouble to learn it.”Cheap Flights” will be available next week.(as will an appearance by Nick Jackson).

Otherwise it was one each with Jeff risking his reputation by letting me join him for “Mr Bojangles” to finish. I noticed everyone was still singing it as we were packing up – couldn’t have been too bad.

Here’s Dez with a Steve Earle classic


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