Friday September 13th 2019.

My apologies for arriving late, (Mike was already up front), with a belly full of Balti . Tynewydd was full and it was only my fiery garlicky breath that found me a seat as people cleared away. Being disorganised, I haven’t written down what Mike sang, but there was no guitar and it would, as always, have been good.

Jeff was having trouble again with the piles (I can’t spell haemorrhoids), so stood up to play. A couple of rousing chorus songs to get us going. The committee have now allocated funds to buy a special stool for Jeff,as we know he is a martyr to his bum and his “bits”.

We had been suggested to Alan McMahon (hope that’s right) as a good night out by Mel (the cheque’s in the post). A fine big voice, giving us yet more to join in with and a wonderful song about would-be murder in Belfast. Please come again, Alan.

Geoff Skellon next. Apparently he reads this garbage every week and extrapolating from my mention of goldfish last week he arrived at the Rawtenstall Annual Fair. He also had a guitar with him tonight.

Geoff Durno was promising to look out some John Prine songs. He knocked one out tonight, before a very relaxed version of “Lesson too Late”.

It’s been some months since we saw Rick. Sadly still no haircut. “Barrett’s Privateers” gets more animated every outing. Good to see you back, along with Delora.

It had been going so well up to now. The rabble from the Indian had now got onto the list. I stumbled through “Hiring Fair” before losing control of the audience who were belting out their best Old MacDonald noises in “Maid of LLanwellyn”.

There was me, my mum, my dad and my gran and a bucket of vindaloo. There was also Nick Jackson and Andy Gallagher (and a couple of rough women).

Nick always seems to go down well at the club. God knows why. Probably the sympathy vote. He started off acapella and wasn’t put off when some moron near the front sang his chorus as “….clitoris clatteris coal ‘ole cavalry….”.

Andy Gallagher was brown nosing to my missus and Karen J by doing requests – “Coffee Black” and “Late in the Day”. Not bad, (grudgingly).

Things then started looking up as Abby came to the front.


A young person and a lady to boot. She’d been persuaded to come by her nan (Edna). Let’s be honest, would you argue with Edna? A gorgeous set, leaving us wanting more.

Edna was having a “significant” birthday and a cake was brought out.

Unfortunately, I was too stuffed full to find room for any, having mopped up any remaining curry from everyone else’s plates with the last of the garlic naans.

T Gwyn took up his customary position, opening part 2, with some Shel Silverstein and, in complete contrast, Tennyson.

EmCee reckoned we would just have time for one more each and with all the authority of a garment label that says “Hand Wash Only”, decreed that there would be no long intros,no twiddlin’ and no jokes. In Jeff’s defence, it wasn’t a joke ‘cos it wasn’t funny.

“Cheap Flights”, from me, was last week’s request song. EmCee drew out Mel to sing “One Friend” next time (if he’s there). I’m none too pleased as I put that one in and I won’t be there. Don’t forget we’re having a week off next week, so don’t turn up. Otherwise it’s back to normal on the 27th, to be followed a week later by the wonderful Bob Fox.

AWR hasn’t sent me anything this morning so I’ve dug out a clip from his YouTube channel of Abby from a couple of years ago.


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  1. Missing you all already… 😦

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