Friday October 11th 2019.

Alun was back from France. Still officially in hiding under the witness protection scheme, for the benefit of the drug gang who wants him in the footings of a motorway bridge, his safe house is 23 Railway Cuttings, Gronant. Stand in MC, AWR, who did a great job last night, put Alun on first. A couple with guitar before an unaccompanied song from Breton called “Le Pays”. My French isn’t what it used to be, but the gist seemed to be “we’re a bit different from the rest of you down here”. Possibly they marry their cousins and have a restricted gene pool? Think Anglesey or the Llyn peninsula.

Mike carried on where Bob Fox left off last week with a John Tams song, “Love Farewell”; I don’t remember hearing it before but it was very nice.

FREE BEER!!! Yes you heard it right. FREE BEER.

AWR had brought in a case of Welsh beer – a bottle given to anyone who gets up to perform. Singers, players, strippers, joke tellers, it doesn’t matter what you do, just do a turn up front and pick a bottle.

Three from me next. Shami Chakrabarti says that having to listen to “Sheep Crook & Black Dog” infringes my human rights. There is nothing intrinsically wrong with the song, it’s the tune that’s the problem. I sang a few lines in the style of the Club Singer, with a jolly 4 chord turnaround accompaniment. Most agreed this was a big improvement. The one dissenting voice mumbled something about “Puff the Magic Dragon” so I did this as my third song. Normally people tap their feet to the beat of a song, but in this instance I noticed Brian tapping his forehead against the table. With considerable force.

When the St. John’s man had finished with the concussion tests, Brian staggered up and sang “The Blantyre Explosion” This is one up from “Sheep Crook”. But only one. The rest of the set was quite jolly to be fair with plenty of chorus bits for us.

Jeff’s preamble was to read from his soon to be published autobiography. The solicitors will be queueing up. My brief says I can’t reproduce any of it here due to the certainty of litigation.

The Break.

“Puff” reminded T Gwyn of his teenage lust for Mary Travers (of Peter, Paul and Mary fame) back in the 60s. This left him with no alternative but to read Betjeman’s “Myfanwy”. Sadly, Mary died 10 years ago from leukaemia. Peter Yarrow was convicted in 1970 of shagging a 14 year old, but was later pardoned by Jimmy Carter.

CE1D3B13A5AC451FB6AAD305B8877189[1]Adrian was missing tonight as he was in Bangor for his annual Morris reunion. The rest of his Morris team call him “the god of Morris dancing”. Presumably because he moves in mysterious ways.

A couple each before Alun and Jeff rounded off what had been a very entertaining evening – thanks to AWR and all the singers. Next week’s request is for Jeff to sing “If I could only fly”, hopefully in his Orville suit. A special night to come on the 25th, when it’s “Sing somebody else’s song” night. We are all invited to “do” a song which normally another singer at the club knocks out, for a different “take” on it. “Sheep Crook” anyone?

Thanks again to AWR for holding the night together, bringing in the beer and recording and editing Alun’s “Farewell She”.


One Response to “Friday October 11th 2019.”

  1. Andrew the Younger Says:

    FREE BEER next week too!
    Offer subject to availability (there’s 18 bottles left).
    Terms and conditions apply (see the blog).

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