Friday October 25th 2019.

Firstly, a bit of housekeeping. The good news is that our venue appears to be safe, with Tynewydd being taken over by another organisation. There was a Committee meeting last week, where all your suggestions were discussed. We will be having a charity night for Val, probably on March 6th, funds to be given to the Air Ambulance. We are looking at dates for nights out to Neal & Shereen’s club in Old Colwyn and also the Mucky Duck. Please keep your ideas rolling in. Much as I would like to, we can’t enforce a dress code and prevent the wearing of shorts.

Tonight we were all singing each other’s songs – a theme which worked unbelievably well. The regular performers are given in brackets. Adrian began with “Bogie’s Bonnie Belle”( JS ), then “Roll Alabama, Roll” (BB), with some gob iron inbetween.

Alun gave us his version of “Sally Gardens” (BB and MH), beautifully sung with a triffic guitar accompaniment. This week’s request was for “Bridget O’Malley”. I think the last time I heard this was in our lounge, well oiled, when we lived in Rhyd Y Foel (19 years plus). It’s on at the end for you to savour. “Lovely Nancy” (BB) rounded off the set.

Normally I make a pig’s ear out of stuff I play regularly. How come I breezed through “Forever Young” (JB), “Hiring Fair” (ARJ) and “Streets of London” (Everybugger), without a hitch when I only do them every few years?

Mike has been given some stick the last couple of weeks for (allegedly) nicking other people’s songs. As Alun said, we all nick ’em from somebody. His first set comprised “Early Morning Rain” (JS), “A Sailor’s Life” (BB) and the always popular “Who knows where the time goes”.

It has been some weeks since Mel graced us with his presence, and he’s been much missed. See the polish marks on his Gibson! He sadly has not enough to fill his life in retirement as he must have time to read this garbage every week and was aware of tonight’s theme. “What’s the Use of Wings” (ARJ) and “This Old Guitar” (GD).

The break.

With T Gwyn away, Jeff opened part 2, after AWR had recited some Henry V (Bill Shakes) to celebrate St. Crispin’s Day.

Jeff entertained us with “Canadee I O” (MH) and “Whisky in the jar”(Everybugger). He told the same gag twice (nobody laughed the first time round – nor the second).

Desperate for a free beer, Adie, told a load of gags. Great to see a new face up front. Most of his jokes were pretty good too. (Most, not all!).

Next week we have the pleasure of Keith Price, so move your bums from the fireside and get down to Tynewydd. Robshaw has asked me if he can do the blog next week – he’s not a bear to shrink away from giving his opinions – do I trust him to do it?

Close your eyes and listen to Alun and let your blood pressure drop.

One Response to “Friday October 25th 2019.”

  1. Andrew the Younger Says:

    Kudos to Brian Bull for the idea to have a night of songs from each other’s repertoires. The songs felt fresh, the singers were on uncharacteristic good form and there was a nice balance of respect and mickey-taking.
    To borrow a phrase from Emcee Emeritus: Tick VG to all who participated.

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