Friday November 1st 2019

‘Tis I, Robshaw, your club mascot, bringing the blog to you this week. A welcome change from the sycophant who usually writes this page; I might look cuddly but I tell it like it is.

Tonight we had a special guest, or at least, we had a guest, in the form of Keith Price, for some reason always popular at the club.

Keith enjoys coming to North Wales, as he can spend the afternoon, nose pressed to the glass of the showroom window, drooling over the expensive, shiny, high performance mobility scooters inside, way beyond the financial reach of a Folkie.

Over the course of the evening , Keith played several musical instruments, as well as a violin. Let’s have a vote. If you think the violin is a musical instrument, phone 0952261, if not phone 0952262. Calls cost £35 plus network charges. Make sure you have the bill payer’s permission. All proceeds from this premium line go to me.

AWR had no free beer this week, but the usual numpties filled in the time before the main turn for no alcoholic reward.

Keith Price is, to be fair, a cheerful chappie, who doesn’t need any PA. , having a big gob, although some short arses at the back had difficulty actually seeing him, as he sits on a small chair to perform. They didn’t miss much on that score. Hardly a babe magnet.

He opened with “Byker Hill” to get everyone singing, and we didn’t really stop till half time. I grudgingly have to admit that he was reasonably adept with his instruments; in a Pete Townshend moment, he trashed one of his melodeons. Thankfully it was a very old one and a drop of Araldite should fix it. Lots of banter between the songs and tunes which always goes down well.

Most of the songs were traditional, with a very smutty version of Robbie Burns’  “Green grow the rashes ” thrown in for the benefit of the naughty children on the back row. I was puzzled by one song which appeared to be about someone having a Transient Ischaemic Attack (small stroke), called T.I.A. Strokes are to be avoided at all cost in Wales, as the Welsh Ambulance Service no longer regards them as an emergency under their new easy peasy targets. He strayed off piste at the end with “Shine on harvest moon”. Being a soft toy with limited mobility, I had to sit through an encore of “My blue heaven”, which most of the punters were still singing (out of tune) as they went out of the door.

On the whole, not a bad night I suppose.

If, for any reason you want to hear Keith, here’s Byker hill, with the audience trying to drown him out.

One Response to “Friday November 1st 2019”

  1. Andrew The Younger Says:

    Free beer will return on the 15th..
    We have a guest MC next week: Andrew Pritchard. Remember him? Used to be a regular at the club. Waffled a lot. Charming missus though.

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