Friday November 8th 2019.

Tonight was our Remembrance evening, with the return of  our “regular” (?) Master of Ceremonies and photographer. I’m sorry if that bear offended anyone with his blog last week, I’ll try to keep him away from the website in future.

In a Corbyn style cop-out, EmCee put Jeff on first and said it would be up to the turns to put someone else on after them.

Jeff did a guitar solo to open. It wasn’t meant to be but his guitar was so loud, we couldn’t hear any voice. A result? Jeff’s autobiography is “coming on”, he has now reached the age of 27 with it. How does it end?

Jeff put Mike on next, and what a stunning set; “D Day Dodgers” and “Green Fields of France”. Ok, you’ve heard the world and his mother sing that one, but have you heard it better?

Thankfully, Mike had the sense to tell me I would be up next after his first song. Note to EmCee – we do like to know when we’re going on.

After much cajoling and promises of the pleasure of my body, I’d persuaded the missus to get her fiddle out, practise and do a spot.

A couple of minor hiccups due to the nerves, but went down a treat. A rousing “Santiano” was followed by the gentle Scott Skinner slow air, written in 4/4 but we play it in 3/4, “Music o’ Spey”. Most agreed that the tosser with the guitar detracted from her playing.

I decided that Brian should follow. His set contained strong language and violence; most wars do. “When this bloody war is over” was followed by Anna Shannon’s “Out of the Gold”, a story of 3 horses, taken away for WW1, never to return.

Adrian “the bells” West had been for a haircut. How did they find any to cut? At least at his Kurdish barbers’ he wouldn’t be bumping into Trump – well, the Kurds weren’t with us on D-Day were they?

There was extreme violence in his song “Bill Norrie”,when the jealous husband lopped off the young bloke’s head and chucked it to his missus,  shouting  “catch  the  ball!” Turned out to be his wife’s illegitimate son’s head. Who write’s this stuff?

Alun was full of snot and had a burnt finger (so no guitar). A set of “Lest We Forget” (wot ‘e rote) and “Tommy’s Lot” in keeping with tonight’s theme.

Geoff Durno hasn’t been with us for a good few weeks, having a leaky valve fixed. Unfortunately the valve was in his leg, not his cistern and he assures us it was a very painful procedure. Vaughn Gething regrets he cannot afford anaesthetics. Geoff now has to capo up 4 frets with his new falsetto voice. Looking well, though, Geoff – nice photo from Ruth.

The Break.

Jeff’s donation to tonight’s raffle was a selection of dog toys from the market.

Part 2 started off with T Gwyn reading Laurence Binyon’s “For the Fallen”, with Alun playing The Last Post on Cornet, and a minute’s silence as we remembered the loss of life.

There was time for one more each, except Alun who also sang this week’s request song, “Mise Raifteiri”. Next week’s request is for me to do “Jehova’s Witness at the door” . It won’t be happening – after you’ve been doing a song for years it ceases to be funny. It’s a request, not a command.

All in all, a night of poignant, beautifully crafted songs, well sung. Brian can be heard doing one of them at the end. We narrowly escaped being told (no doubt at length) about EmCee’s new book about cod. Next week is another “Free Beer Friday”.

On Saturday, 16th November, at Rhuddlan Community Centre, there is a tea & cakes do (and some music from Alun), in memory of Val, raising money for her charities. I still can’t believe we’ve lost Val. Every week I expect to see her walk in, laughing all over her face, saying “Fooled You!” She’s left a big hole in all our lives.


2 Responses to “Friday November 8th 2019.”

  1. Geoff Skellon Says:

    I wish I could have been there. Back from sunny Spain on 4th December. In the meantime I’m getting some guitar practice in. Expect a bit of flamenco. It is folk music intit?

    • jonesthephones Says:

      Flamenco, Geoff… You’re only playing that to get close-up to those angry stamping dancers, so you can sniff ’em…! When you’re back, if that bl**dy radiator valve’s not been fixed, you’ll have to make do with a couple of fat sweaty blokes 😅

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