Friday November 22nd 2019

Unfortunately,Ruth and Andrew were missing last night through very sad circumstances, so AWR had the chance of a lifetime, introducing our guest Allan Taylor and I was on the Nikon, with the assistance of my lovely wife for the shot of me. That should get me a promise.

I ploughed through a set of 3 while the latecomers arrived, followed by Mike. Settled in, we all sat back for Allan’s first set.

It’s hard to believe that our club has been going for almost 55 years and we’ve never had the pleasure of Allan’s company before, and we are all grateful to Jeff for putting that right. He’s obviously not the tosser everyone thinks he is. Well, not all the time.

“Down the Road I Travelled” was the first song. Most of Allan’s songs are about the places he’s been and the people he’s met during his long career. This format wouldn’t work for me as few people would be interested in a song about a difficult root canal job on an upper molar. Each to his own I suppose.

“The Veteran” was possibly my favourite from the first half, although “Colour to the Moon” was the best known. We learned of “Rollerena”, the fairy godmother transvestite from New York, skating through the traffic with her magic wand among other colourful characters who had crossed Allan’s path. All too soon the break was upon us.

Jeff, Dez and Alun settled us down before Allan’s second set.

Sometimes I think our regulars take for granted the quality of our floor spots, who don’t get the credit they deserve, Certainly not in this column.

There was another 45 minutes of Allan’s life, including “Roll on the Day”, where we could all fill our lungs and belt out the refrain lines.

It’s not easy for a bloke with a guitar to hold an audience for a whole night, but there was no one staring down at their drink tonight.

“I’m Going Home” was dished up as an encore – we were still belting it out as I crossed the A55 and went up Engine Hill, this week with no steam issuing from under the bonnet, thanks to a new water pump.

A night of well crafted songs, each one with it’s story, held together by some understated guitar, but my lasting impression is “what a lovely warm human being”. Allan found time to chat to everybody and went out of his way to thank caretaker “Malcolm the vest” for letting us have time for an extra song.

As you know, we don’t publish any performer’s recordings from the night without their prior approval and permission, although Andrew’s recordings are always top notch, but here is one from Youtube which probably sums up the night. As always, there are more photos on our Facebook page.

3 Responses to “Friday November 22nd 2019”

  1. Lord Blythin of Gallt Melyd Says:

    A superb night with a superb guest. I’m listening, for the third time, to the c.d. I bought. Allan Taylor, a lovely guy bursting at the seams with talen and also a great hat – exactly the same as one of mine. Ahem!

  2. A Weighill-Richards Says:

    Kudos to Jeff for a smashing culmination to a year of superb bookings. Also, some credit for our supporting vocals goes to Blogmeister Shepherd, who has taught us all ‘Roll On The Day’ over the last few years. It’s almost like we’ve been rehearsing for this one big chance to sing with Allan.

  3. jonesthephones Says:

    Ahem… Nearly 56 years, not 55

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