Friday December 13th 2019.

The penultimate club night of this decade, and it was another Free Beer Friday, thanks again to Andrew the younger.

The night started with Geoff Durno doing  an Allan Taylor song, “My Father’s Room”. I could have gone home then and felt I’d had my moneysworth. Stunningly good.

Adrian had some miserable songs, for a change, although we all enjoyed “She was poor but she was honest”

Disregarding anything Adrian West might say (and why not?) about when you can and can’t put up your Xmas decs, I’ve been trimmed up for a while and attracting much attention with my lights (if you can’t see the picture properly, click on it to enlarge it; see Mel’s song later). Jeff compared my “Waltzing’s for Dreamers” to Dave Burland’s version. Unfavourably.

Mike has been improving his guitar playing in leaps and bounds, having only started playing very recently. Last night, Kate Rusby’s “Cruel” was a real treat.. He was one of those getting an extra wear out of his Xmas jumper.

Last week’s request drawn from the bag was for Mel to do “The Original Honky Tonk Night Train Blues”, and he duly obliged, followed by “Viagra in the water”, which AWR has processed for us to hear at the end.

Even Geoff Skellon couldn’t memorise Dylan Thomas’s “A Child’s Christmas in Wales” – lengthy, but surely one of DT’s best pieces.

Brian closed the first half with “No man’s land at Christmas” and a Sheffield carol.

The Break.

T Gwyn started the second half with Betjeman’s “Senex” – filth for the older gentleman.

After building England’s motorways, Alun took it upon himself to be offensive to anyone who didn’t share his political affiliation. Over the past few weeks, we’ve all had our fill of “testiculation” (waving your arms about and talking bollocks), but deliberately causing offence is not the way to keep bums on seats.

Jeff sang a Skip James (not a bush kangaroo) song; some of the notes were so low they were only accessible to marine mammals and earthworms. (“Whaddya say Skip, there’s a little boy trapped down a mineshaft?”) “Hard Times”, probably Dickens’ greatest hit, completed the set.

AWR had his usual pieces of “on this day” trivia to keep us entertained between spots, including a bit about Robert E Lee. This moved to “The General Lee”, the orange Dodge Charger from Dukes of Hazzard, and I sat wondering how Daisy Duke was looking as, by now, an old woman.

This linked up to our final spot, Rick, the Texan who is still in desperate need of a haircut.

By now it was 10.30, and only time for a few odds and sods before a shanty finish.

It’s Party Night next week, with butties and pork pies (if you get there before EmCee).

Here’s Mel with a dose of Sildenafil.




2 Responses to “Friday December 13th 2019.”

  1. Andrew the Younger Says:

    General Charles Lee was the man arrested in Widow White’s Inn. The whore-mongering traitor to the British Crown who fought alongside George Washington in the war of independence (against us). Robert E Lee was rather later, when the ingrate ex-colonials were squabbling among themselves. However, the latter Lee was indeed the General Lee whom Bo and Luke Duke named their car after. Mea Culpa.

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