Friday December 20th 2019.

This is it. The last blog of the decade. I’d been worried before I left home to go down to Rhyl when I heard a piece on the news; police had discovered the body of a man in Liverpool, as yet unidentified. The man was described as “…about 70, overweight, thinning hair, hairy arsed and with saggy balls”. I had to phone to check that Mel and Keith Price were ok. Merry Xmas to both!

Alun was first up in a packed programme with “Bleak Midwinter”, followed by myself, with festive stuff about Good King Herod and burglars.

Brian was in his best Sunday suit.

His wassailing song was from the Gower, followed by a Sheffield Carol, which was rounded off by a fancy church bellend (should that be churchbell end ?) on concertina. The Shepherds get taken for granted at this time of year, so next Christmas I’m putting a bucket on the stage and it’ll cost you a quid for every time we get a mention.

Nick Jackson had turned up, with the promise of free food, although he probably wasn’t quick enough to get a pork pie before EmCee cleared the plate. Nick had a North of England Wassail. Needless to say, it was far superior to the Welsh one.

MikeNewXmasJumper Hawkins is another who will need a pocket-full of pound coins next year.

We’ve seen even less of Dave Costello than we have of EmCee this year, so it was good to see him back with some of our favourites. How I’ve missed joining in with “Some old Engine”.

Pre break, for a change, was T Gwyn, with Adrian Henri’s “Talking after Christmas blues”.

The enormous raffle contained a 1.75L bottle of Grey Goose vodka, kindly donated by Steve Jones, who travels 3000 miles to be with us, which reminds me, Helen says she is coming over from Canada next summer. Remember last summer? It was a lovely day.

The Lions and Christians spot fell to Jeff, who was “Walking in a Winter Wonderland”. One night while driving Jeff home, he’d confessed that, as a teenager, he’d shagged a girl with one leg. He said it was ok but he’d use his willy in future. (The old ones aren’t necessarily the best.)

Geoff Skellon had a ghost story and a tie he must have been wearing for a bet.

Geoff Durno dug out “Mary’s Boy Child” from his enormous repertoire, and “Airport Story” – not festive but a real gem. I wonder if he’s asked for yet another guitar for Xmas?

Time for one each, due to Jeff having negotiated us an extension, with a bizarre range of songs, including ladies licking (or sucking?) lollies, a brother called Martin and turkeys having their throats slit.

Alun and Jeff rounded off the night in their inimitable style.

At this time of year, I often spend time reflecting on years gone by and people no longer with us. As a kid growing up in N.E.Lancs, everyone was poor, financially, although we didn’t realise it at the time, but Christmas was always a magical season. This year I, along with many others, missed Val. Make the most of the days you’ve got. There’s no track this week with AWR not being there, so here’s one for the memories of a childhood in the 50s – nothing festive and not musical, but some quality tv, not like the crap they dish up nowadays. A Merry Christmas to you all.

*SPOILER ALERT* At he end, “was it Bill or was it Ben?” – it was Bill – it was always Bill – he was a complete bastard!.

3 Responses to “Friday December 20th 2019.”

  1. Geoff Skellon Says:

    Bill and Ben? How about Muffin the Mule? Vastly superior in my opinion.

  2. Keith Price Says:

    Hairy arsed ! you said you’d never tell. All the best (again) to all at at Rhly Folk Club.

  3. Keith Price Says:

    RHLY ! That’s the trouble with dlexsaiy !

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