Friday January 10th 2020.

The first night back after the end of year break with AWR taking control of proceedings again, and also supplying free beer to all the turns. Brian had missed the “robbing other people’s songs” night in November, but made up for it last night with 3 pilfered songs.

Mr.Adrian West had the first “lily white breasts” of the year, the first harmonica tune of the year and also the first “bollocks!” of the year.

Geoff Durno started 2020 with his new Xmas jumper and his new G7 capo. The capo seemed functional,but not too sure about the knitwear.

My old Shubb capo, however, decided to part company with my guitar half way through a song. This was undoubtedly the highlight of my set.

As many of you know, I have a shave on a Friday and come down to Rhyl, but the rest of my life is spent as an over privileged parasite. Now my wife and I have now decided to stand on own feet as we seek to become financially independent.

Mike had a predictably faultless set; powerful yet delicate. No guitar tonight.

One of Alun’s (many) New Year resolutions, all doomed to failure, was to rid his life of “Americanisms”; that’ll be all his John Denver and Paul Simon stuff in the bin then. As a preamble to “Little Pot Stove”, he read a piece written by the song’s author, Harry Robertson, about a night at the whaling station, cut off from the outside world drinking buckets of home brew and the fight that inevitably resulted.

Geoff Skellon took us to the break with a couple of gob iron tunes and a couple of short poems by Robert Frost, and very enjoyable they were.

There was a smattering of obviously unwanted Xmas gifts in the raffle. We may see Geoff Durno’s jumper next week after the stick he took.

Part 2 saw T Gwyn in his familiar spot as opening turn, with Frank Crumit’s “The pig got up and slowly walked away”, before a dose of Kipling.

Jeff next. I haven’t written anything down and I can’t remember what he sang, but I’m sure it was very good. Look. I was taking the photos as well, I can’t do everybloodything.

Janet had gotten (just to annoy Alun) our Jeffrey a wonderful gift for Xmas to alleviate his haemorrhoid problem. He chose to stand up for all his songs tonight, however.

Rick persuaded his missus to join him tonight.

“Ride on” was a song, Rick said, that Christy Moore would sing when he was really pissed. Maybe I mis-heard.

Time perfectly judged for 1 each, almost all singalongs,

AWR suggested Jan 24th for a night of Scottish songs. Sounds like a plan.

Here’s Alun with “Banks of the Bann”.



One Response to “Friday January 10th 2020.”

  1. Andrew The Younger Says:

    You can’t do everybloodything? LMAO!

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