Friday January 17th 2020.

According to EmCee, I was first up on Jan 18 last year, so he thought I should open tonight. Will that be me done for the rest of the year, then?

During our 2 week lay off at the end of last year, with Friday nights and Saturday mornings free, I was able to ponder the bigger questions in life

:- Q. – Why is there a “d” in fridge but not in refrigerator?

Q. Why did God give the ability to regenerate limbs to salamanders?

Q. Who actually let the dogs out?

With the crap now out of the way, there was a bit of quality from Alun. “Down too Deep” is one of my favourites, followed by “Hull, Halifax and other places that play Rugby League” (a faster, more exciting version of the public school game).

Mike failed to explain what “As I rode out” was all about, so was lost on me, but I was happy to Roll on down to Old Maui.

Q. Do we live in a jar, with holes in the lid (stars?) so we can breathe? If so who turns the lid round, making the “stars” appear to move?

We had a young person (ie. one with a discernible pulse) in our midst. Tom, from Preston has not yet learned that you don’t get lippy with the bloke from Burnley if he’s the one who writes the blog. “Lost Cause”. I think that was the name of the first song. I bet you’ve never seen Tom and Louis Theroux in the same room.

Tom was then joined by his responsible adult, Chris, when they nicked my combination of “Last Leviathan” and “The Diamond”.

The Preston pair had arrived with our old chum, Annette – don’t see enough of her. How come on a night packed with “turns”, we could only manage one of the female persuasion? Come on girls. Annette’s Irish accent still can’t compare to Alun’s , however – work at it a bit harder! Her second half song was one she said Rod Stewart had been doing. I was disappointed when it wasn’t “Hot Legs”, but something about an Irish bloke getting shot.

Brian, it is reported, will be even older this year. He sang a song about an arranged marriage between a very young man (boy) and an older woman. Didn’t end well (ie. traditional) when the poor lad soon ended up the wrong side of the turf, shagged out.

Q. Could you suffocate in a Bag for Life?

Forever young Jeffrey took us to the break with “Moonshiner”. Not the jolly Clancey Brothers version I grew up with, but very good all the same.

My comments on the Sussexes last week caused some interest.

I now have details of what went on this week when the inbred family got together to discuss “the problem”.

T Gwyn was, as usual, back in the Lions and Christians spot with a poem from Banjo Paterson – “Clancy of the Overflow”. The Overflow was a sheep station, not a sewage outlet.

Time for “ones” each in the second half.

Requests are back! Don’t get over excited – next week it’s for me to do “Will the turtle be unbroken”. Was someone taking the piss? It’s also “Scottish Week”, so get practising your Scots’ songs and your Rob Roy accents. I will try to persuade the missus to bring her fiddle or read something in her native tongue.


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