Friday February 7th 2020.

As I parked up outside Tynewydd, I was aware of a very hairy occupant in the next vehicle – could it be “Gaffer”? And Lo, it came to pass that it was Gaffer, and there was much jubilation throughout the land, but more later.

EmCee put Mike on first and he quickly whipped the crowd to a frenzy,  first with a Ewan MacColl (Christened James Miller – what was that about?) song and one by John Tams which was new to us and very nice it was too.

Jeffrey had been practising a song by Blind Reverend Gary Davies, the visually impaired fire-and-brimstone preacher from Pontypool, called “Death don’t have no mercy”. Poor grammar and not many laughs. Similarly there were few laughs in the Leonard Cohen song that followed.

Adrian revealed that he was soon to become an Irish citizen. The wave of euphoria which followed was short lived when we realised it was a paper exercise and he wasn’t actually going to bugger off and live there. On the bright side, he had learnt a couple of Irish songs which had a bit more life than his usual fare, although the words to “Kelly the boy from Killane” evaded him after the first line. “The Jolly Tinker” contains a “right falouraladdy”; much preferable to pulling a foetus from the left side of a Queen, so we should be thankful for small mercies.

I sang a couple to remember my dad; few things give as much pleasure as hearing a chorus come belting back at you (with harmonies to boot) at a high level of decibels. Lovely.

EmCee’s “word of the week” was “apricity” – the feeling of warmth from the weak winter sun. EmCee’s favourite dinosaur it can be revealed, following a Freedom of Information request, is the Thesaurus. Spellcheck underlined “apricity” as it hadn’t heard of it either. Incidentally, the man who invented Spellcheck died last week – may he rust in piss.

Then it was the legend that is Gaffer Ferris, former GP and full-time Cornishman, who writes the most bizarre but excruciatingly funny songs you will ever hear. Where’s Cecil Sharp when you need him? I’m not even going to try to tell you what his songs were about. Many in the audience had tears running down their legs.

Alun had to follow. His New Year resolution of avoiding Americanisms went with the rest of them, down the pan, when he dug out an old Springsteen song.

With loads more still to come, EmCee called the beer break.

Plenty of good news this week. I’m off to Cambodia for a few weeks so you won’t have to listen to me at the club and it’s more than likely there won’t be a blog till mid March (Ruth is also away at some point). Next week we (you) will be having Andrea Wild pop in (all the way from Trumpland) to do a couple of songs, along with her son Dylan who will be playing the fiddle. Later this year, our old pal Helen hopes to be coming over from Canada, so there’s more to look forward to.

T Gwyn’s first one passed me by (Cymraeg), but I enjoyed Alfie Tennyson’s “Crossing the Bar”, read as opposed to being sung.

Mel was in sparkling form, first with Jake Thackray’s “On Again On Again” and then (all my Christmases were coming at once) “Joyce the Librarian”.

Brian’s face was looking a bit patched up after a discussion in Wetherspoons. You should have seen the other fella! He is probably the only person to ever wear coordinated shoes and vest. Great chorus songs.

We still hadn’t heard from Geoff Durno. After last week’s mishap, he was back with the carbon fibre guitar – AWR has edited one of Geoff’s for the track at the end.

EmCee judged the time perfectly for a round of one each and a grand finale ( where Adrian was attacked by Robshaw).

I’ll be in Phnom Penh next Friday, 7 hours in front, but you’ll be in my thoughts. A bit.

Here’s Geoff.

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