Friday February 14th 2020

With Mr John Shepherd on his travels in Coronivaria,which,for reasons known only to himself, calls Cambodia, but, WE know eh! I was Shanghaied (oops) into writing a few virus free (oops again) notes on Friday nights events. I think Sheila is sourcing some bio-haz masks for his return!
As it was Valentine’s night,the Hall was awash with Lurve,Wine and Chocolates, all we needed was for Barry White to make an entrance in a long white flowing robe, and we would have had the full hit. Mr Jeff Blythin was on first,noting that he now drinks Carlsberg Lager, which, if Carlsberg did Folk Clubs,they would probably be———– The lager must be doing him the world of good, as he informed us he went on an 11 mile hike, but, unfortunately came back with a Baker’s Cyst. How the conversation then descended into describing a displaced Scrotum is something I am still struggling with. But he did come up trumps with a great rendition of a Dave Costello classic, Sweet Little Mysteries. I miss Dave.
I became further confused when Mr Adrian West came to the front, his first song was about the Sherwood Forester, and me being a naive rail fan thought he was going to sing about the steam loco that passed through Rhyl a little while ago. But no, this song was about Robin of Lincoln Green, who was decimating the Sheriff of Nottingham’s finest with some well placed arrows. Things got no better when we had a Long Stick tune about mayhem, we then had the usual innuendo (filth) about Twanky Dillo and the sap rising.
Mr Alun Rhys Jones then restored some order with two lovely songs, the first was last week’s request, Silver Dagger, and then Alun sang Lisa Lan.I’ve heard some good renditions of this song by a few notable Welsh Folk Artists and Alun’s version is up there.
Mr Mike Hawkins seemed in melancholy mood, as he sang about someone leaving their loved in The Early Morning Rain to catch a big 707, my favourite ‘plane. Flying on a Pan Am 707 is an everlasting memory for me. Mikes next song was again about people leaving their loved ones, this time, it was a boat load of squaddies off to do their National Service in Germany.
Jim was on next to give us a couple of Airs on his Violin/Fiddle?? EmCee got embroiled in a somewhat heated discussion with the gathered throng about the correct name. The result EmCee nil audience one.
Mr Brian Bull then came to the front,and showed he was down with the kids by wearing his Jimi Hendrix T-shirt. I was disappointed that he didn’t play Hey Joe, and All along the Watchtower whilst plucking his Guitar strings with his teeth! Heh-Hoh maybe next time.
After the beer break, which for Valentine’s night was awash with wine and chocs, T.Gwynne came to the front, and in a poignant moment read one of Val’s favourite poems. At this point I should like to mention thet the tribute night for Val will now be on the 13/3 with Alun now doing an extended spot on the 6/3. The next poem from T was about dangerous liaisons between Dan Mcgrew and Lou, not going to end well.
It was then time to repeat THEE list,which,according to EmCee,was running to skeedule!! His (mis) pronounciation of the word,prompted another robust discussion with the audience, he was put right by Mr West saying the c is silent, unless you are from America. The result,EmCee nil Audience Two.
Mr Alun Rhys Jones returned to the front, and did his level best to emulate Mr Geoff Durno, by also dispatching his Lowden guitar to the canvas. WARNING to Mr John Shepherd, these things always happen in 3’s!
Mr Aidrian West returned, and belying his now Irish citizenship,sang the Patriot Games. Mr Blythin was now into slack gussets on ladies tights! Words fail me, as I cannot add any observations to that on a page such as this!
The last song of the evening was a rousing affair, with most of the Audience on the stage. All in all, a good night was had by everyone.

Thanks to Roly for this week’s blog.

One Response to “Friday February 14th 2020”

  1. jonesthephones Says:

    Thanks, Roly. Smashing account of a rather quiet, but entertaining night at Wales’ oldest folk-club

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