Friday March 6th 2020.

Friday March 6th 2020
Marmalade Scandal Settled out of Court, M.U. opt for Recipe.
“New Outrage at Sock Incident”.
Just as Mr & Mrs Pritchard were seen leaving the court House to address the waiting throng of reporter it was
noticed a certain Mr. Andrew Weighill-Richards was entering through the back door of the Court House carrying
what seemed like a vey long pair of socks in his right hand, however more of that later. This correspondent,
namely me Orcas Wield, has once more to report upon the evening’s activities at the Folk Club.
The evening started with a discussion between AWR and the audience, well Mr. O’ West, on the difference
between ‘Pedantry’ and ‘Being right’; a certain Mr. Eric Blair sitting immediately to my left quietly whispered in
my ear that they were both wrong. The man who invented Free Friday Night Beer then regaled the audience with
a monologue of sorts about socks, a certain Mr. Addie Jones was heard to say that the socks he buys lasted as
twice as long as everyone else’s; but enough of this badinage let us haste to the evening’s entertainment.
Adrian O’ West was first up for the Lions & Christians spot, rather apt with it being Lent, and began to introduce
his first song when, keeping with tradition, the words failed him and he basically said ‘blah, blurb, bleh, bollocks’.
He quickly recovered his composure and performed the ‘Lakes of Shailyn’ a la Nic Jones. The song contained some
words unknown to me but my fears were calmed when Mr. O’ West told us he’d forgotten some of them so made
up some new ones. This was quickly followed by ‘Georgie Banwell’, poor bugger there were flannel petticoats,
knocking knees, crows and rooks all over the place, no wonder he died. We had a ‘Double Long Stick’, with cross
striking tune from Litchfield quickly followed by M. O’ West saying this next song is ‘Andrew Rose’; but one wag
commented “Yes he did” which left me reaching for my Tena pad.
Andrew Rose
After fighting off the man-eating Kimchi last week Mike Hawkins was resplendent in a hoop-less top and skipped
to the fore with all the grace of a gazelle, fighting Kimchi is obviously good for his health. He vocalised a lovely
version of ‘Come by the Hills’ accompanying himself on guitar, and it must be said he is beginning to look more
relaxed playing it and therefore sounding better as the weeks go by, chwarae teg. He finished his first spot off
with ‘My Love is in America’ leaving a smile on A.W.R.’s face which definitely wasn’t wind.
A bit of a treat then followed Mike, well I say treat but actually it was a tall Swiss guy named Jean, for the more
ignorant of my readers it’s the Swiss equivalent to John or perhaps John is the English equivalent of Jean, answers
on a post card. Jean had accompanied Daffyd ap Gwin Goch and friends to the club. He sang a song called ‘Sur Ma
Route’ which was obviously new to everyone but after a bit of digging (well typing the title into Google) I
discovered the origins etc. of the song I will leave you dear reader to discover it yourselves, it is worth it. He then
played a couple of tunes for us on guitar and returned to his seat clutching his free bottle of beer. A.W.R.
suggested that Jean was another reason for us to like Switzerland besides cuckoo clocks and chocolate.
Swiss Jean
Jeff Blythin had been fidgeting at the back trying not to touch his face, coronavirus twitch obviously, I won’t tell
you what he was touching instead but he walked awkwardly to the front. He quickly tuned his guitar to ‘Dropped
D’ and sang the Doc Watson’s family song ‘Lone Pilgrim’, by all accounts the Watson family used to sing it every
Sunday, a bit of useless information for you, unless you’re one of the Watson family then you’ll know it already.,
so it’s then doubly useless. Blythin was worried about how, due to the coronavirus, Freemasons will be able to
great strangers and recognise a fellow Mason without shaking hands. He closed his ponderings and spot with
‘Greenback Dollar’.
Blythin’s Lone Pilgrim
Time for an extended spot, step up Alun Rhys Jones clutching guitar with one hand and his pet pigeon on a stick
with the other. With the pigeon safely cooped away in the corner; Get it? Pigeon, cooped, oh well never mind; he
saddled his guitar and introduced his first song, in memory of Val, whose birthday I think is today. He had played
it at her funeral last year, ‘Perhaps Love’. Writing of Val please take note that next Friday 13th March we’re
holding a charity night for the North Wales Air Ambulance service, in her memory, so bring lots of dosh with you
and who knows you might win the lovely bottle of Single Malt DURA whisky on offer, very generously donated by
Daffyd. Anyway, back to the songs; as previously mentioned Perhaps Love was fist up and particularly well done
as was his next choice the self-penned (well I say self-penned but the Jones boy admitted his much better half had
more than a little hand in the choice and composition of the lyrics) ‘Rhiad I mi Fynd’ or perhaps better known as
‘Thomas Edward Hoskins’, again beautifully delivered. He finished his first spot with a double header ‘Trip to Skye’
and ‘Mingulay Boat Song’, the last one in ascending keys, Blythin’s singing was up and down like a pair of AWR’s
overly long socks.
The boy Jones impersonating a wife from Mingulay
‘The Beer Break’ otherwise known as ‘Round the Back for the Brandy’.
The second half followed a similar pattern to the first with the exception that the Jones boy started where he left us in the first half, doing a spot of three numbers, ‘The King of Rome’ accompanied by pet pigeon, as an aside this
correspondent lived in derby and every weekday used to walk up Brooke Street to college, never once saw a
pigeon though. ‘Sweet Baby James’ and ‘Ar Lan y Mor’ (‘for the boys tomorrow’, or as I write today).
The evening’s entertainment was closed with Blythin doing a rendition of ‘Only Fools Rush In’ and he should know being the club fool.
Don’t forget we’ve got a few events coming up, first, as previously mentioned, a charity night at the club in aid of North Wales Air Ambulance service and then on March 19th the Hungry Horse Folk Club have as a very special guest the inimitable Steve Knightley.
As an aside A.W.R. was found innocent due to insufficient evidence; obviously the C.P.S. didn’t look in his ‘special’ stocking drawer.
As ever
Orcas Wield

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