Friday March 13th 2020.

I don’t know if I should be pleased or disappointed. Five weeks without me and the club is still going strong. Who nicked the yellow sign for the website?

I returned to the UK to confirm what I already knew, that panic and stupidity spread faster than any virus. I didn’t know that Coronavirus gave you the shits. Where has all the bog roll gone? (Some of them turned up in our raffle).

Anyway, tonight was the night to remember our sorely missed chum Val, and to raise some dosh for the Air Ambulance. Thanks to the generosity of our members, we brought in £200!

Having been missing for the last month or so, I suspected that I’d be first on EmCee’s list. “Xanadu” is a song about dementia, from the perspective of a sufferer. Dementia research was one of the main beneficiaries of Val’s tireless fund raising activities. Also in the set were songs about Cornish and Irish emigration.

Jeffrey had a couple of chorus songs to start, then a version of “Where do you go to my lovely”, which he said was going to be sanitised, for the benefit of Val’s pals from the Ramblers, who’d turned out to support tonight’s event. But wasn’t.

Next up was Seamus West. He’s still here. I thought he was moving to the Emerald Isle? Apparently there is a long list of people prepared to give him a lift with his bags to Holyhead. The usual fare of traditional unaccompanied stuff and a Morris tune was broken up at times as the Covid Kid coughed and spluttered his way through. 7 days in solitary for you, my boy.

Last week I missed the appearance of a Swiss bloke who did a spot for us.Tonight we continued the European theme as a German mathematician played something from the woodwind section.

Ok, I’m short of stuff to write about today as we were a bit down on numbers of singers.

Alun had given “Gordon” a rub with the Brasso (mixes well with methylated spirit, for those struggling with Drakeford’s new rules on alcohol) and given him an airing.

“Ladies go dancing at Whitsun” opened the set. Not if the people who run Morris Dancing can help it. Misogyny, is that how you spell it? This was followed by a couple of cracking chorus songs.

T Gwyn seems to have recently discovered Brylcreem. It could have been Trugel. Working towards a ponytail?

Anyway, he had the “interesting” Bohemian look that women of a certain age find irresistible. The over 80s. I am reliably informed that his first offering translates to “Snow on the wood”, which was followed by “Another Country” and a half song “Home James and don’t spare the horses”. Nice to have the time to hear 3 from Gwyn.

The Break

The raffle to end all raffles, with enough booze to last Alun and Jeff for almost a week – a gallon of beer plus another 6 bottles, 6 bottles of wine, 2 bottles of single malt and 4 of Brasso.

We then had time for rounds of 3 each, plus a further appearance from T Gwyn.

The night was a fitting tribute to Val, who selflessly raised so much for charity. She will be missed for a long, long time. Thanks to everyone who donated stuff to the raffle, notably AWR and Roly, and thanks again to the Ramblers who turned out. Don’t forget, we’re here every week; you are allowed to come again. (There is a possibility that with the virus stuff about to get worse, we may not be here at some point – keep an eye on this website and our Facebook page).

Jeff managed to be sensible for 3 minutes. Make the most of it by having a listen – when AWR asked me which track I’d like him to provide, it was a no brainer.



2 Responses to “Friday March 13th 2020.”

  1. Andrew the Younger Says:

    That cartoon is very reminiscent of Gary Larson (he of The Far Side fame). The fundraising isn’t quite over. I have a 15 year old Macallan to raffle in the near future (closures notwithstanding).

  2. John Kelly Says:

    I have known Val since I moved to Wales 18 years ago’ and joined the Vale of Clwyd Ramblers. Last night was the first time I have been to the club, and I thought it was quite amazing, I was so impressed by the quality and variety on offer. All the best fot the future, and I hope to come again soon.
    Regards John Kelly

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