Friday April 3rd 2020


A historic night for the club as we held our first online meeting, on the Zoom platform. At the peak we had 41 participating devices, so probably about 60 people – if we’d been charging two quid we’d have done alright.

AWR has done a phenomenal amount of work to get this going (as has Mel), and he held the thing together magnificently.

In the time honored tradition of “get the shite out of the way first”, I kicked off this inaugural session, in the comfort of my home with a beer and a nice log fire (the photos will all be from the library). I was far more nervous doing this in front of a laptop than a live audience.

Having got through a couple of songs without any major cock up, although at this point we had a couple of people not having their mics muted and I could hear people saying “I’m off to the bog while this bloke’s on”, we moved on to Geoff Durno. I’m sure Geoff won’t be (too) offended if I say he’s king of the “It was great when I played this in the kitchen this afternoon”. Tonight we proved that this was true, as no one forgot words or chords, despite those who normally have to  drive knocking back much more than they would on a Friday.

I can’t emphasise too much, the importance of engaging in the (written) chat room which you can get up on the side of your screen. I was sceptical (surely not John, I hear you cry) about this working, but at times I was close to wetting myself. We will explain how to get this up next week if your grandchildren aren’t there to help you.

We had Alun, Jeff Mike and T Gwyn (one with a guitar from him!).


We then went half way round the globe (or perilously close to the edge for the Flat Earthers) to hear Helen and Neil in British Columbia. It must have been around mid day for them, but Helen had been up early to club a Harp Seal to death and drape it over her head as a fashion statement. I assume she’d rendered the rest of it down for “dripping” on her toast. Lovely to see and hear you both again.

We even had a raffle. “What did you win John?” Stupid bloody question.

The whole night is on YouTube – Andrew must have been up most of the night. There’s the whole 3 hours, but if you only want to see a few minutes, go to 1 hour 32 for John Killion’s second offering, “The Recumbent Posture”.

Miss Manchester 1964

Miss Manchester 1964

We haven’t seen John for a while now in the flesh, but he was on top form last night.His first song had the phrase “bubbling wi’ phlegm” Topical.

Round again for 2 more each, with the addition of Geoff Ludden, live from Morfa Nefyn, and then from Oregon we were treated to a song from Andrea and some beautiful harp, courtesy her daughter Phoebe.

Kat McCullough sang and played for us, gorgeous voice, but sadly her performance was marred by iffy sound from her guitar. This can easily be improved Kat – get to the soundcheck next Friday at 7.30 and Andrew will take you through it, we desperately want to hear you again.

If you are reading this but didn’t get there live because you feel you aren’t techy enough to join in, don’t be . It really is easy peasy to set up. Follow the link (on Facebook or on “Club News” on this website, do as instructed step by step and you’ll be in.

At some point next week, Andrew will be posting his request programme, so look out for that, but we will all be there next Friday at 8.00pm (BST) for the club’s anniversary (56th?). You won’t want to miss that will you, but this year you’ll have to provide your own butties , crisps, lobster, seal or whatever. I’ll try to persuade “Zooman” to do something for us next week.

What a cracker of a night, and there were no miserable songs about women being murdered and chucked in a river etc to weigh us down. In fact, I don’t recall a single death last night. What sort of folk club is that?

Here’s the YouTube link to see it in it’s unedited glory.



One Response to “Friday April 3rd 2020”

  1. Lord Blythin of Gallt Melyd Says:

    Excellent review of an excellent night. cheers John

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