Friday April 10th 2020.

It’s Good Friday, traditionally the Club Anniversary (56 years).

And YES! ”tis I! ROBSHAW, your club mascot, coming to you from the storeroom at Tynewydd, telling you how it really was last night, online.

Jeff is normally LOUD.Why was he so quiet. Needs to dip in his pocket and get a decent computer. Tight git.At least he’s found an instrument where he has a modicum of proficiency. The kazoo. He sang the first John Prine song of the evening (sadly John died a couple of days ago). Trying hard to look smart, but failing, in a bow tie and waistcoat, at least he’d made an effort for Party Night.

Last week, as I took my one form of daily exercise, I was jogging over “the bridge”, when I was accosted by a group of ghosts of long dead blues singers from the Deep South (Glamorgan?), waving sheet music and shouting “sing this”. I ignored them; I urge others to do the same if they are similarly approached on a Friday night when we resume, as otherwise it always ends badly.

Geoff Durno had a poor excuse for not performing live,but had recorded a couple of tracks which Andrew Ponytail played. Another John Prine song.

At this point, I noticed that the Shepherds had disappeared off the gallery view, their internet down. A result! I thought.

Mel next. One of the few performers I can tolerate. He suggested everyone open their windows and join in loudly with his Baa Baa sheep chorus. You could hear the sound of “For Sale” signs being knocked in the ground for miles.

EmCee was supposed to be monitoring the “chat”, but appeared to be more interested in the giant ladybirds shagging, on the photo background he’d got up.

Mike played guitar again this week for “Cruel”. His missus looked like she was the worse for drink, wobbling about and about to fall off her chair.

Sadly, the Shepherd internet was back. A long drawn out gag. He suggested people write down the missing (naughty) words from his chorus on the “chat”. Too much for most of the numpties. John was another one who’d made an effort with his appearance – the “Sinatra” look with the untied bow tie failed to convince anyone that he was anything other than a moron.

As promised last week, Nick made an appearance tonight. His performance was predictably forgettable, but his terrier “Tatws” made an impression in the background. As if it was planned, he then sang “Colin the Dog”. We noticed Glenys altering the angle of her camera to point down towards her lap – at first I thought it was her pussy, but it turned out to be her hairy little doggie. Thankfully.

Helen, over in Canada, had much better sound this week. If, like me, stuck away on your own, you’d contemplated topping yourself this week, “The Easter Tree” may have just tipped you over the edge. Her second song was abandoned, when a polar bear entered the house and ate her husband and dog. That’s her story when the Mounties come round investigating his sudden disappearance.

Alun had “Gordon”, his all-metal guitar, with him tonight. He got through “Language of the Heart” with no arrhythmias (geddit?). In fact it was another night where no one forgot the words. All the tales are true – it was ok in the kitchen. “Too Close to the Wind” – can’t beat a mass hanging in Northants, can you. I suspect Alun has had a DIY haircut, or he may may just have been slicking it down. Mel’s DIY cut was actually quite reasonable. From a distance.

T Gwyn’s sound was pretty bad and he gave up half way through. A pity, as there was some Betjeman in there.

John Killion was again in top form, although a monkey would struggle to make any Les Barker work anything less than leg-wetting.

Live songs again this week from Geoff Ludden in Morfa Nefyn. Do you ever come across Andy Anderson in the Folky meetings down there Geoff?

More recorded songs, this time from Brian, who badly needs as much beauty sleep as he can get; his carer has to have him tucked up with his Horlicks by 7.30., so he can’t come out to play live. I don’t know if I moved towards the screen too quickly and got some Doppler effect, or if it’s my diet of “Spangles” (other highly coloured chemical flavoured sweets are available), but Brian’s shirt suddenly changed from red to blue half way through.

In a strange way, I miss you all coming to join me on a Friday night. I miss some of the other stuff that normally goes on here. The Line Dancing is ok, with good ol’ shit-kicking music and the woman from Peaky Blinders telling the muppets what to do, but Tai Chi? What the**** is that about, playing at being tigers in slow motion!

One thing you must listen to this week (play it while you’re peeling the spuds or watching ladybird porn) is Andrew’s Request show – you can fast forward through John Shepherd’s bits and surprisingly no one requested any Adrian West 17th C dirges. Another one to see is the London Trip from 6 years ago, with a YouTube slideshow. There are links to both on this website, at the top of the “Categories”.

**TOP SUGGESTION FOR NEXT WEEK**. On Gallery view let’s have A MEXICAN WAVE !!!

Here’s last night’s recording, which Andrew has posted.




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