Friday April 17th 2020.

After taking us through the soundchecks, Andrew the Younger started the evening proper promptly at 8.00. He’s got a lot on his plate, running the show and unfortunately missed out on pressing the “Record” button, so if you weren’t there last night, sorry, you’ve missed it. My notes from the night also appear less than adequate – it’s all too easy to get into the chat and watching what everyone else is doing while some poor sod is giving his all in his front room.

Mike started but his PC went down after his first song.He’d already admitted having a crib sheet, but I don’t think it was necessary as yet again, no one forgot any words. Maybe we’ve all got music stands? NFC!

I was hurriedly called in to fill the void. Attired in full dress tartan, I celebrated the victory of the gallant Duke of Cumberland at Culloden (April 16th 1746) with a pair about the most over glamourised person in British history, Bonny Prince Charlie. When things quickly went tits up at the battle he legged it, leaving his men to be slaughtered and spent the summer skulking around the highlands as a transvestite with Flora (McDonald), who later found fame when she emulsified sunflower oil to create a soft spread, low in saturated fat.

Alun had a proper (ie wooden) guitar tonight, although he was having difficulty playing, having sustained a knife injury earlier in the week. Presumably Wendy had had enough after being cooped up with him for weeks. No jury would ever convict you, Wendy.

A new face on the gallery view was David. It turned out he was one of Mel’s (very few) friends and was in Spain. May give us a song next week.

Talking of Mel – “Joyce the Librarian”. Priceless. As you can see, he’s spending his time in lockdown rebuilding his kitchen.

Talking of lockdown – do you remember my pal from the Punjab, Gorupta Singh, who did a spot for us (and his brothers Kanna Singh and Didna Wanna Singh who declined to perform). There is another brother who may do a spot for us while we’re online – Soshal Distan Singh.

One of the highlights of Jeff’s performance was at the beginning when he caught his nipple in his guitar strap. Made his eyes water and had to capo up a fret.

DSCN4185 copy smallDuring “Roseville Fair”, the good looking couple above were seen dancing, on the gallery view.

Nick was back again. “Coconut Surprise (aka the Condom Song” cleared off anyone watching with their children. The dogs had been locked away or put down for this weeks spot.

Brian had again sent in a recording. The person in charge of continuity had got his act together this week, and he’d employed his missus to do stuff with rubber chickens (don’t knock it if you’ve never tried it – whatever rings your bell).

T Gwyn had been experimenting with sub titles for his Cymraeg section. Very successful. “The ever popular “Myfanwy” completed the set.

Another new face was John Warburton, from the Dragon’s Breath Folk Club (nr. Mold) –  sang one wot he’d writ imself. Excellent. Unusually it was in the style of an old traditional song. Lovely guitar work to boot; hope he’ll be back again.

Geoff Ludden sang “a sailor married a farmer’s daughter”. I don’t know who wrote it, but I’ve only ever heard Mike Harding sing it before and it was good to hear once more.

Mike had put a new valve in his computer and made up for lost time with songs containing deaths, which we were all very much missing.

Yet another newcomer was David Hytch from Rhydymwyn, which EmCee assured us was near Brisbane. His song was spoiled by the sound quality, which AWR can fix with a few button presses if he joins us again, as I hope he will.

Time for a few singles before Andrew wound up at 10.30. Sorry we can’t bring you the recording this week, but here’s Alun with a song he did last night, if not the actual performance. Sorry, subtitles are in Welsh which isn’t much help to 90%. Lovely song in whatever language.



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