Friday May 15th 2020.

Right, here we go. The club are anxious, as always, to be as inclusive as possible and to spread the
news of the good times to be had in the folk club world. To that end, your usual reviewer has asked
for volunteers to give the usual (and usually excellent) Saturday morning PM. That’s not post
meridiem but post mortem, I’m babbling already.
There is a lot going on at these zoom gigs, it may look calm on the surface but, rest assured,
that someone is paddling like mad to keep all the balls in the air. Andrew the younger is the
technical brains underpinning this remarkable transformation of live to virtual. The old guy in the
funny hat is busy calling everyone to order and trying to create the illusion that he is both in charge
and knows what he is doing.
An array of black screens periodically comes alive to reveal a static image of a person or a
couple whose identity may or may not be revealed (or, indeed genuine). Every now and then, the
images may be replaced by silly pictures whilst the incumbent goes off to see to their sourdough
Anyway, the man with the hat (not, The Man in the Hat) calls up a list of the next turns in
some sort of pre-determined order based on God only knows. This does not presage an outbreak of
Beach Boys covers. Thus Jeff makes a start in “radio phone -in” mode and intersperses various
problems of a personal nature from contributors out and about. Some of the advice given is suspect
as well as implausible. Jeff kicked off with a rendition of the second track on John Wesley Harding,
and a Jimmy Rodgers standard involving incarceration.
Mike Hawkins is next with a Peter, Paul and Mary song before Euan McColl’s paean to the
gypsy caravan. The usual rich performance of Mike’s voice was supplemented by Mel’s variable
back-drops which he seemed to be able to change at will. Pictures of fruit and caravans, no, I don’t
know either.
Alun was up next, in a world of his own, with apposite and heartfelt altered lyrics for the
times (unprecedented-obv) we are in. Just a small note, we are all immunologists now, but vaccines
are not grown, but, cultured. Just sayin’. The second song involved small trees and heavy armoury
Geoff Durno had a belting version of the Bobby Sands song which pleaded for his early
release, unsuccessfully, unfortunately. He never did get back to Derry. The second one, I’d never
heard before. You get this sloppy reportage with unpaid volunteers.
Mel and his constantly changing back-drop gave us a R. Digance number about money,
followed by a politician’s standard retort litany which I’m happy to make clear here.
David Hytch followed his Alan Taylor song with the regretful reminder of John Prine’s death.
So many artists have covered so many of his songs. He will be missed.
Jeff came back on with a Noddy Holder hat this time, whilst I was casting my eye around the
zoom (geddit?), Alice and David do not have the Datsun Cherry in the living room, Aidie had
forgotten his chocolate orange and Chas and Jan have a pair of Joey and Chandler chairs-I think. Roly
was in, John was on sound only, Dafydd and Bee live behind a stained glass window, Glenys has
more animal hats than is healthy and Tgwyn has also got silly hats. Stuart and Edna, I couldn’t hear
your tambourine-man. Oh, and hello Natasha all the way from Moscow.
TGwyn had an ancient poem about battles long ago in Rhuddlan, before an Incredible String
Band number. I like the picking style of playing, if that’s what it’s called. I also like Ashley and it’s
about time too. These last two came in via whatever it is called and rejiggled by young Andrew as if
by magic. It’s all to do with bandwidth and BT monopoly. But it does mean that you can all have a go
if you want. And that’s the important thing. I’m thinking here of Margaret and Roddy, go on, make a
little video, get in touch with AWR and he will guide you through the magic. Nothing from Brian this
week, we miss you.
John Shepherd next, and definitely no mention of the dreadful joke between Kate Rusby’s
Maid of Llanwellyn and McTell’s peppers and tomatoes. Glenys did her best with the hats and Chris
was determined to do his Colonel Haji.
Bee read some poetry before Dafydd assailed us with something whilst I went to see to my
sourdough. He introduced his contribution with the admission that he could demonstrate the truism
that not all Welshmen are choristers. That man has never lied to us.
We turn round at this stage and go backwards. Ogdna. As I said at the get go, I’m new to this
and am trying to keep it both brief and informative. Proper journalism, accuracy, humour and good
spelling will all come with practice. How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Etc. See you all next week at a
zoom near you.

Here’s the recording :-

One Response to “Friday May 15th 2020.”

  1. Lord Blythin of Gallt Melyd Says:

    For a first attempt excellent reportage, cheers.

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