Friday May 22nd 2020.

This week, your happy-go-lucky ray of sunshine returns with the blog, to remind you that it’s only a month till the nights start drawing in again.

With the soundchecks done, MCJeff threw himself to the lions for the first set.

img337 smallA couple from me followed, the second with a good thigh-slapping chorus to burn off a few calories from the excess booze. Last week, Lesley had asked “How many drinks a week do you have?” What I thought to be a witty riposte – “I’m an alcoholic, not a bloody accountant” didn’t go down as well as I’d hoped.

Alun sang one with a vague link to Whitsun and Mike was lamenting Lord Franklin and his tinned food (look up the history).

In between turns, Jeff was reading more of his agony aunt correspondence, notably from Myfanwy Carburettor (mother of Dilys Fuelinjector); I would disregard Jeff’s advice – I believe a wire brush and Carbolic soap to be more effective than scrubbing it with Anusol. Try both? The brushes need replacing after a few week’s use.

Mel had been entertaining us all night with his quick-change backgrounds, but now had to sing. “A Pub With No Beer” was no stranger to those of us who used to frequent The Bee – no beer, no light bulbs, no bog roll and, eventually, no landlord.

“Loss of Taste” has been cited as a symptom of a Coronovirus infection. This won’t be much use to some who join us on Zoom on a Friday as, judging from the stuff they have in their homes, they have never had any taste whatsoever.

T Gwyn got some stick on the chat column in this respect- some of the paintings on his wall could frankly have been done by a child. Excellent laid back songs from Gwyn again this week.

I look forward to Ash’s contribution each week. Last night he got off to a dodgy start when his cat tried to climb on his guitar headstock and mate with it.

David Hytch is another very welcome and refreshing addition to the “turns”. Tonight he was playing “slide” on a Dobro. You need a proper microphone David, the sound doesn’t do you justice.

There was verse from Bee and Dafydd. Dafydd had also provided an excellent X word on our FB page this week. When will I receive my £25 for completing it?

Back again in a round of one each. We hope to have an extra extra special treat next week if Natasha, our Moscow correspondent, can record a piece for us to play (time difference means it’s late for her and the other residents may be less than cheerful if she starts singing at just gone midnight).


Philby, Burgess, Maclean…..Roly?

Mel rounded off the night in fine style with a medley of sloppy smoochy songs from yesteryear. Remember the end of the school discos, lads, when they played a slow one at the end; there would be girls dancing on their own and you had 3 minutes to decide “Chippie or a shag?” (wishful thinking, it was always the chippie).

Excellent work from Jeff and AWR in bringing together another fun night; Andrew has got the recording out in superquick time, the link is at the end.

EmCee says he’ll blog next week which should be a more informative account of the evening.


One Response to “Friday May 22nd 2020.”

  1. Andrew the Younger Says:

    Given the Welsh tradition of putting nicknames after people’s proper names, the better to identify them (like Jones the Phones or Dai Bara – Bethesda’s long retired master baker.), can we start calling Dafydd’s companion Bee Folk Club?

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