Friday June 5th 2020.

What a week. Started with blistering temperatures and people scared to mix because of the virus; ended with Autumn rain and wind, crowds oblivious to the virus, protesting against racism and then back with Madeleine McCann. All was well, however at Rhyl Folk Club.

While we were waiting for Jeff to empty his bladder and get another beer to refill it, T Gwyn read a piece remembering Tiananmen Square (31 years ago!). When Jeff returned he chose the first spot but hadn’t clicked “the blue box” and consequently his guitar sounded like he was playing in a bucket of water. Normally he sounds like he’s playing in a bucket of dog turds. To be fair, there was some exceptional playing on his second number.

David Hytch is always worth a listen. It’s frustrating that we can’t get his sound right. “Della and the dealer” – big tick.

Geoff Durno was again struggling with his hardware, and his John Prine song was a bit coming and going (there was to be more of that later), but thankfully he got sorted for his second half spot.

We’ve got a new laptop and I’m writing this tosh from the kitchen today. Lesley is struggling with a recipe – can anyone help us with one of the ingredients, called “left over wine”?

Mike was remembering D Day with Eric Bogle, with Sheila’s hand making frequent appearances in shot to reach for the booze. Zoom, KY Jelly and alcohol – the Holy Trinity of lockdown. Many of us are doing on line quizzes – do you know you can fit 63 Earths inside Uranus? One day, I hope to be mature enough to say this without laughing.

I’ve known Andy Gallacher for 25 years and have been spelling his name wrongly all that time (with a “g” for the “c”). Cracking pair of strides you had on last night Andy.

Natalia usually joins us from Moscow at about 9.00. On the chat column, people were trying to explain how to pronounce “Dafydd”. I suspect she thought we were taking the piss.

A couple from me included “The Valley of Strathmore”, one I’ve got earmarked for my funeral; with a “zero” birthday coming up in a fortnight, it makes sense to have things organised. In my spare time this week I’ve built a high tech weather forecasting unit. Seems to do the job.

Alun had bought himself a new guitar for his birthday. He is asking for suggestions for a name – it’s a mahogany Takemine parlour guitar, never raced or rallied. There was “Cummings and Goings” – will this be a song sung by Folkies in 2120? Answers on a postcard……

There was a (welcome?) return for Nicholas L Jackson and Bill Caddick’s “John o’ Dreams”Many frequently point out that I spend much of my time taking the piss out of Nick. And? Lesley and I couldn’t decide if he’d had a DIY haircut or he was going for the slicked-down “spiv” look. Anyone want a Cortina engine? Mk4. Or a case of Uzbekistan fags?

The blog will be a bit late out this morning, as I’ve just had Keith Price on the phone. He’s been on one knee half the week (it seemed a popular thing to be doing) and would I send someone round to help him stand up.

Jeff was able to take a break from MCing as AWR played a series of recordings sent to him this week. First was T Gwyn with “Aberdaron” and a Len Cohen song.

There were more subtitles for Natalia. This week she sang a lovely Russian folk song about a sea captain, accompanied by a pair of beautifully decorated wooden spoons (not dishwasher safe).

Next up was Richard Bull with a cutaway guitar (a Stratocaster next week?) Excellent stuff Richard. It’s about time you got shut of the old bloke – he’s holding you back.

In fact, the old bloke was next, his finger now unfortunately having recovered enough to play concertina.

Time for 1 each from the live performers. As I said earlier, Geoff Durno had mastered his sound; so much so that Glenys moved position to sit in front of her magnificent Grandfather clock (with a cuckoo that pops out on the hour) for Geoff’s horological song

Breaking News :- for those from Rhyl, it is understood that the woman who works Parrys’ Corner, who had been furloughed by her employer, is now back working, with full PPE and a Dyson, offering limited services.

Courtesy of AWR’s hard work, here’s last night’s recording.

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