Friday June 12th 2020.

This weeks version of events comes courtesy of EmCee :-

It is a truth, universally acknowledged, that a quiz is easy, when you know the answers.
I’ll start at the beginning; actually I’ll start in the middle. T Gwyn kicks us off in the video section with the (black) Chair from Birkenhead, followed by a lovely rendition of the Guy Clark classic- Let Him Roll. This deals with the perils of old age and sex workers in Dallas, about which, more later. It was Brian Bull who set the cat among the squabs with his mention of Stan Tester (I know, I know). He gave us Man in the Moon and I sought a little background information whilst the evening progressed. Well, as you may know, the great god google can and does an awful lot in milliseconds. It could not, however, come up with young Stan. Frustration piled on frustration, giving way to swearing and general bloody-mindedness until I googled the tune. I need say no more, but I will. I am now much better informed about Brighton, Bandonions, Uruguay and ladies in preposterous high heels with equally preposterous long legs. By the way, his name is really Lewis and I will leave it to others to find “scanteloper” in a dictionary. Next up was BB junior. Richard gave us a more recent offering from his Bobness. Two questions here, what advantages does a “cut away” guitar confer upon the player/listener? And (2) how does AWR know that the song has been covered 459 times? Richard’s offering was described by our host, Jeff, as “diamond”, I agree. Thanks again to AWR for his technological convolutions to bring us this entertaining slot just about by the beer break time.
Right then, we now og to the beginning. JB in the late book, but sporting a natty set of cans, Adrian with connection issues that were, according to T Gwyn exacerbated by Jeff translocating to the East wing of Blyther’s Mansion, down in the valley below. Anything that starts off with Jimmy Rodgers is bound to be good and get better, and so it turned out. The webmaster had time to nip out to tinker with the website and see the lady from Dallas, and be back in two minutes. Mike joined in with a couple of tunes, including the one about the demise of the working horse. John was in more sombre mood, considering his dad’s birthday, his own, next week and his Loudon on Thursday, a series of descending numbers. Gaffer Ferris was trying to deceive us into believing he was a dead springer spaniel, but we were not so easily fooled. There were a few attenders this evening looking to form a pogonophilia sub-committee, but the chair would have to be taken by Gaffer. Barratt the younger has a way to go yet, as his dad has told him. Gaffer expostulated at length on his efforts to form a Geoff Durno Appreciation Band, but found that few wished to join him. So he did the grandfather clock one that Geoff was going to do. Yikes! Then the quickie history of the origins of the Great War. You need to listen carefully, but it is all there, and as good as Mel’s rendition of Hamlet.
Geoff up next, with his set-list in tatters thanks to Gaffer. He still managed a fine pair of tunes. ARJ had to explain declension and mutation to Jeff before his cymraeg version of a S and G classic, then a Mary O’Hara song, The Parting. How does Zoom arrange the thumbnails?, just a thought. Technical hitches caused by Andy Gallagher’s tartan trousers (he wasn’t wearing them) meant David Hych was next with a nice couple with spare guitar work. This left AG with enough time to get his Big Train running.
Rolling round to the Lord Gallt Melyd, more Bobness in the form of Spanish footwear, whilst Mike had Aragon Mill. John, wishes his days away until Thursday with Alan Taylor’s Roll on the Day- a proper chorus song. Mel had got dressed up to Roger the cabin boy and we all raised our hands to the joys of losing various parts of our anatomy, which is a risk factor if you want to be a pirate, a pirate.
Gaffer’s final offering of the evening was another history lesson about el Duce. With an iddy-umpty approach to the perils of pasta, pizza, plans and prosecco that encapsulated that part of the history of Italy. A marvellous cultural break and thank you Gaffer. Geoff did Anna Marie and David did the one about moving through the fair. I’ve got this with a lady doing it , but I can’t remember who. I remember the Who, of course, but, where was I?- oh yes Alun finished off with the joys of the N17.
No Natasha tonight and Ashley has not done his homework for two weeks now. Notwithstanding those shortcomings, a fine evening’s entertainment and one enjoyed by all. Many thanks to our host Jeffrey, (those cans will have to be returned to AWR). Big up to AWR, as always, for bringing it all together- and holding it there! I’m off to do a bit of research on Jimmy Rodgers and if you need a small introduction then I recommend Same Train, different Time by Merle Haggard. Which reminds me, Jeff, we haven’t heard If I Could Only Fly for ages? See to it- boy!! Or my office!!
See you all next week, when John Shepherd will not be the age he is now.

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