Friday June 19th 2020

Jeff wasn’t with us tonight as he’d had a bad day at work. Paper rounds are tough on ageing limbs.

AWR announced that he’s leaving the club but is prepared to carry on with the Friday night sessions. Our very visible online profile is very much down to his efforts and he will be missed.

Tonight looked like being Cornish night. I opened with songs from Cornishmen Mike Silver and Steve Knightly, then, bugger me if John Warburton didn’t follow with two more from the peninsula.

At this point Chas and Jan appeared on the gallery, seemingly from Stonehenge, in their hippy outfits, waiting for the Solstice. Possibly, they’d had a “mushroom” omlette for tea. Peace!

Mike and David Hytch both did excellent spots, but there’s still a problem with David’s guitar sound, which is a terrible shame.

It’s Jeff’s birthday today, and I’d had a significant one last week. I’m still patiently waiting for the wisdom that comes with old age. Despite being married for over 30 years, Lesley still gets uppity when I borrow her toothbrush. Anyone know another way to get shog dite out of the soles of your trainers?

One of the few people older than me and still breathing is Nick Jackson. Hands down worst lockdown haircut so far, Nick. Featured a couple of his own songs tonight.

Then we were off up the Orme to our real Cornishman. Gaffer’s rough translation of the Welsh classic Bugeilo’r Gwenith Gwyn (watching the white wheat) suffered from a transposition of carbohydrates and ended up “I’d sooner have you than a plate of chips” (at 50 mins on the recording – don’t miss it).

Alun somehow had to follow that. He was playing his tenor (or £9.99) mandola. A refreshing change from endless guitars. How about the banjo next week? “Sold Down the River?” Despite rumours to the contrary, I’m a big fan of the banjo.

A couple of weeks ago Andy Gallacher was wearing a cracking pair of tartan trews; this week he was naked from the waist down as his kilt was at the cleaners. It looked like his sporran was there though.

Mel and Dafydd concluded the live turns.

There were recorded items from T Gwyn and the Bull twins but nothing again from Moscow – has someone offended Natasha? Time for one more each from those appearing “live”. Or as alive as some of them get. An ambulance had to be called to the Ostanek’s as Mark seemed to have passed away on the settee.

Hopefully we’ll be back next week.

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